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HgiTextureBindDesc Struct Reference

#include <resourceBindings.h>

Public Member Functions

HGI_API HgiTextureBindDesc ()

Public Attributes

HgiTextureHandleVector textures
HgiSamplerHandleVector samplers
HgiBindResourceType resourceType
uint32_t bindingIndex
HgiShaderStage stageUsage
bool writable

Detailed Description

Describes the binding information of a texture (or array of textures).

  • textures: The texture(s) to be bound. If there are more than one texture, the textures will be put in an array-of-textures (not texture-array). Please note that different platforms have varying limits to max textures in an array.
  • samplers: (optional) The sampler(s) to be bound for each texture in textures. If empty a default sampler (clamp_to_edge, linear) should be used.
  • resourceType: The type of the texture(s) that is to be bound. All textures in the array must have the same type.
  • bindingIndex: Binding location for the texture
  • stageUsage: What shader stage(s) the texture will be used in.
  • writable: Whether the texture binding should be non-const.

Definition at line 128 of file resourceBindings.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HGI_API HgiTextureBindDesc::HgiTextureBindDesc ( )

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t HgiTextureBindDesc::bindingIndex

Definition at line 136 of file resourceBindings.h.

HgiBindResourceType HgiTextureBindDesc::resourceType

Definition at line 135 of file resourceBindings.h.

HgiSamplerHandleVector HgiTextureBindDesc::samplers

Definition at line 134 of file resourceBindings.h.

HgiShaderStage HgiTextureBindDesc::stageUsage

Definition at line 137 of file resourceBindings.h.

HgiTextureHandleVector HgiTextureBindDesc::textures

Definition at line 133 of file resourceBindings.h.

bool HgiTextureBindDesc::writable

Definition at line 138 of file resourceBindings.h.

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