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UT::BVHQueryTriangle Struct Reference

#include <UT_BVHImpl.h>

Public Types

using BoxType = UT::Box< v4uf, NAXES >

Public Member Functions

SYS_FORCE_INLINE BVHQueryTriangle (const UT_FixedVector< float, NAXES > &a, const UT_FixedVector< float, NAXES > &b, const UT_FixedVector< float, NAXES > &c)
SYS_FORCE_INLINE bool isValid (uint tree_point_index) const
template<typename RADIUS_ARRAY >
SYS_FORCE_INLINE float queryDistance2 (const UT_FixedVector< float, NAXES > &tree_point, const RADIUS_ARRAY &radii, uint index) const
 This must be the exact distance squared. More...
template<bool farthest>
SYS_FORCE_INLINE uint boxHitAndDist2 (const BoxType &boxes, const float max_dist_squared, const uint internal_node_num, v4uf &dist2) const

Public Attributes

UT_FixedVector< float, NAXESmyDirs [3]
UT_FixedVector< float, NAXESmyIncentre
float myDist
UT_FixedVector< v4uf, NAXESmyVDirs [3]
UT_FixedVector< v4uf, NAXESmyVIncentre
v4uf myVDist

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr uint NAXES = 2
static constexpr bool theAllPointsValid = true
 isValid() doesn't need to be called, because theAllPointsValid is true. More...

Detailed Description

This replaces UT_KDTriQuery. Lookup information for 2D-tree triangle queries NOTE: Distance squared here is not Euclidean distance squared, but edge-perpendicular distance squared, i.e. distance is from the incentre out, perpendicular to one of the edges, minus the incircle's radius. This avoids the need to have special cases for what would be the circular sections around each vertex. It basically indicates how far the triangle would have to be expanded (or contracted) relative to the incentre in order to hit the query point.

Definition at line 3612 of file UT_BVHImpl.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 3624 of file UT_BVHImpl.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SYS_FORCE_INLINE UT::BVHQueryTriangle::BVHQueryTriangle ( const UT_FixedVector< float, NAXES > &  a,
const UT_FixedVector< float, NAXES > &  b,
const UT_FixedVector< float, NAXES > &  c 

Definition at line 3627 of file UT_BVHImpl.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<bool farthest>
SYS_FORCE_INLINE uint UT::BVHQueryTriangle::boxHitAndDist2 ( const BoxType boxes,
const float  max_dist_squared,
const uint  internal_node_num,
v4uf dist2 
) const

The distance squared can be an underestimate, but not an overestimate, of the true distance squared. The reverse is the case if farthest is true. Also, if farthest is true, max_dist_squared is actually min_dist_squared.

Definition at line 3700 of file UT_BVHImpl.h.

SYS_FORCE_INLINE bool UT::BVHQueryTriangle::isValid ( uint  tree_point_index) const

NOTE: This doesn't necessarily need to be const, for subclasses that have a limit on the number of invalid points hit before giving up, for example.

Definition at line 3675 of file UT_BVHImpl.h.

template<typename RADIUS_ARRAY >
SYS_FORCE_INLINE float UT::BVHQueryTriangle::queryDistance2 ( const UT_FixedVector< float, NAXES > &  tree_point,
const RADIUS_ARRAY &  radii,
uint  index 
) const

This must be the exact distance squared.

Definition at line 3682 of file UT_BVHImpl.h.

Member Data Documentation

UT_FixedVector<float, NAXES> UT::BVHQueryTriangle::myDirs[3]

Definition at line 3613 of file UT_BVHImpl.h.

float UT::BVHQueryTriangle::myDist

Definition at line 3617 of file UT_BVHImpl.h.

UT_FixedVector<float, NAXES> UT::BVHQueryTriangle::myIncentre

Definition at line 3616 of file UT_BVHImpl.h.

UT_FixedVector<v4uf, NAXES> UT::BVHQueryTriangle::myVDirs[3]

Definition at line 3618 of file UT_BVHImpl.h.

v4uf UT::BVHQueryTriangle::myVDist

Definition at line 3620 of file UT_BVHImpl.h.

UT_FixedVector<v4uf, NAXES> UT::BVHQueryTriangle::myVIncentre

Definition at line 3619 of file UT_BVHImpl.h.

constexpr uint UT::BVHQueryTriangle::NAXES = 2

Definition at line 3613 of file UT_BVHImpl.h.

constexpr bool UT::BVHQueryTriangle::theAllPointsValid = true

isValid() doesn't need to be called, because theAllPointsValid is true.

Definition at line 3623 of file UT_BVHImpl.h.

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