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camera.h File Reference
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UsdAppUtilsGetCameraAtPath (const UsdStagePtr &stage, const SdfPath &cameraPath)

Detailed Description

Collection of module-scoped utilities for applications that operate using USD cameras.

Definition in file camera.h.

Function Documentation

PXR_NAMESPACE_OPEN_SCOPE USDAPPUTILS_API UsdGeomCamera UsdAppUtilsGetCameraAtPath ( const UsdStagePtr &  stage,
const SdfPath cameraPath 

Gets the UsdGeomCamera matching cameraPath from the USD stage stage.

If cameraPath is an absolute path, this is equivalent to UsdGeomCamera::Get(). Otherwise, if cameraPath is a single-element path representing just the name of a camera prim, then stage will be searched looking for a UsdGeomCamera matching that name. The UsdGeomCamera schema for that prim will be returned if found, or an invalid UsdGeomCamera will be returned if not.

Note that if cameraPath is a multi-element path, a warning is issued and it is just made absolute using the absolute root path before searching. In the future, this could potentially be changed to use a suffix-based match.