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This example demonstrates the use of the Resample SOP on three types of curves. (Polygon, NURBS and Bezier)

The Resample SOP rebuilds the curve by converting it into a series of Polygon Line Segments.

The curve may be rebuilt "Along Arc" or "Along Chord". "Along Arc" utilizes the Hull information as a basis of reconstruction, and can be defined by a Maximum Segment Length and/or Maximum Segment number. "Along Chord" can only be defined by Maximum Segment Length.

Resampling the curve based on Maximum Segment number divides the line into segments of equal, but unspecified length, spanning from start to endpoint. Line detail is directly proportional to the Segment number.

Resampling the curve based on Maximum Segment Length will rebuild the entire line into equal length segments except the last segment. If the Maintain Last Vertex option is on, the last segment will be less than or equal to the Maximum Segment Length value, depending on its distance to the endpoint. With the option off, the endpoint is disregarded and the line is created out of equal lengths.

Turn on Points in the display to see how the Resample SOP resamples line segments.

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