Houdini 19.5 Nodes Network managers

LOP Network

The top level container node for networks of LOP nodes.

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This node contains a network of LOP nodes used to generate a USD scene.


Favorite Primitives

Specifies a list of primitives that should appear in the Favorites folder of the scene graph tree. This parameter does not support primitive pattern syntax. It must be a simple list of full primitive paths.

Resolver Context Asset Path

This file path is used to create the asset resolver context of any USD stage created by a LOP node inside the network, unless the LOP node explicitly specifies a different resolver context asset path.

Insertion Point Descriptor

Indicates the descriptor used to find the insertion point on the current cook path.

Render Gallery Source

The path to the render gallery database for this LOP Network. This value is not used until the render gallery is opened within this LOP Network.

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