Houdini 19.5 Shelf tools

Align Capture Pose shelf tool

Match transforms on capture regions between the current animation and capture poses.

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The purpose of this tool is to reset the bone deformation on bone captured geometry. This is necessary when you want to change the initial pose of bones that have already been captured.

Captured geometry is deformed when the current animation pose doesn’t match the capture pose. So to reset the deformation, these poses need to match. There are three methods offered by this tool depending on which pose should be modified to match the other one.

Using Align Capture Pose

  1. Select the bones whose capture regions you want to align.

  2. Click the Align Capture Pose tool on the Rigging tab.

  3. Choose the alignment method on the menu above the viewport and press Enter to complete.


Once the tool is invoked, it activates a state which will immediately align any bone you click on.

The first image shows the effect of the bones rotation on the points. The second image shows the results of the Align Capture Pose tool, as it transforms the points back to their original state.



Specifies the alignment method.

Match Capture Pose With Deform Region

Sets the capture pose on bone objects such that they match the current pose of the bones' deform region.

Match Bones With Capture Pose

Sets the bone objects' transform parameters such that they match the bones' capture pose.

Match Deform Region With Capture Pose

Positions the bone objects' deform region to match the bones' capture pose. This doesn’t change the bone transforms, but rather moves the deform region by setting the Rig Adjustment parameters on the cregion nodes inside the bones.

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