Houdini 20.0 Shelf tools

Smoke Container shelf tool

Creates a container that can hold smoke.

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This tool can be used, for example, to simulate a smokestack.

Using Smoke Container

  1. Click the Smoke Container button on the Volume Fluids tab.

  2. Place the container anywhere in the scene view.

To...Do this

Create smoke in the container

  1. Place a geometry object inside the container.

  2. Use the Source from volume tool to turn the geometry object into a smoke object.

Change the amount of divisions in the container

Edit the Divisions on the operation controls toolbar or in the parameter editor.

Reducing the divisions will make your simulation faster and increasing the divisions will make your simulations more detailed.

Let the smoke escape the boundaries of the container

Turn off the Closed Boundaries checkbox on the operation controls toolbar or in the parameter editor.


The large tick marks indicate 10 divisions. So, the smoke container in this example has 20 divisions.

A possible next step could be to eliminate some smoke. To remove smoke from a simulation, use the Sink from Objects tool on the Fluids shelf.

You may also want to add some turbulence to your smoke. You can do this by applying Seed Vorticles.

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