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For everybody out there coming from Softimage looking at Houdini I am going to start preparing a quick guide on how to translate certain concepts that are the bread and butter of Softimage workflow into Houdini.

Since I did the switch a year and a half a go I have been little by little finding how to put together these ideas, from onion skinning to partitions, from passes to motion editing, animation layering, etc…

For those of you that like me have switched and are already well inside Houdini and want to help me out I will love to get email me directly and we could accelerate the process.

For those of you that are Houdini experts I will ask you to cast an eye to see if these approaches could be done better.

For those of you that starting, welcome, this community reminds me so much of the old Softimage days where developers, support, experts and all sorts of artists that seeing all these old friends again here is going to be a blast.
so much appreciated jordi!
David Wigforss
Thank you, Jordi

PS. I really like that roller coaster commercial you did awhile ago. Great making of!
Francisco Criado
many thanks! i hope you don't mind receiving lots of questions!
Thanks Jordi
This is awesome!

(not an SI user, just think it's a great idea)
Andi Farhall
superstar….. will pay in beer (or tapas)

Looking forward to it!
Happy to help.

I will ask you how do you prefer me to do it? My website? A wiki? here in the forums? As a PDF?

May be we can later wrap it into a bigger document/book?

Open to ideas.
I prefer web or PDF, but you choose

Thanks again Jordi
Thanks a lot for this Jordi, it will help immensely. Web or PDF seems like a good way of making these guides.

Gracias de nuevo!
Mario Reitbauer
That would be super awesome.
Working on it.. this is a bit the first outline of the material I am planning to put together… anything that you see that is not here that you would like?
Will Preston
Thanks very much Jordi, it feels like we've got a mountain to climb but it seems less daunting knowing you're going to help guide us

i personally like the idea of a mailing list that could sprinkle me daily with little snippets of info about how to transfer those things that we've done a million times - from Si to houdini
I won't be able to write a book on each chapter, will have to be short, hopefully that will be enough to give people the direction to explore by themselves.

Hope that is ok.
Hi Guys! It seems all the known faces are starting to appear here :wink:

That's some initiative you're starting there Jordi

Maybe other SI/Houdini users can chip in, and help newcomers out?


rob wuijster
Angus Davidson
Hi Jordi

That sounds great Looking forward to it.

Kind regards

So I just installed a trail of Maya.. The only button I could bring myself to click was the little x in the left top corner.
This place already feels so much friendlier
Can't wait to start learning houdini atlast.
Thinks for the kick in the ass to get me started AD
I hope i am not being intrusive but i would like to make one small request if you could find the time i would be eternally grateful. One of the strongest features when dealing with si for lighting was the pass/partition/override workflow for layers and similar, would it be possible to include this in the lighting section.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry i skipped the rendering tab on your flowchart. I see its all there, i apologize and seriously thank you for taking your time to ease out transition. I think you will have a lot of beers coming your way soon
I will prepare the first one tonight and let's see if you all like the format, then we can start crunching them.

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