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Full Version: Zooming in/out + panning on Camera backplate, SI style?
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Does anyone know how to zoom in/out & pan on the camera roto backplate, like we can in SI?

I found some older references to this, but cannot seem to find this in H14.



p.s. The Auto-commit preference for keying is evil!!! ;-)
Never mind, figured it out.

It seems the exported hip file with the tracking data has an ‘old style’ roto node, and that one doesn't work properly with the new camera controls, and is missing some other stuff as well.

Adding these in will work as expected.

Although it might be nice to have some kind of shortcut/button to reset the window scaling/offset in one go.


So how did you actually figure it out.?
Looking for same thing for h13 and for H14.

Zoom and pan on camera backplate.

Not used H13, but the H14 camera ‘View’ tab has:

- Screen Window X/Y
- Screen Window Size

You can drag and drop these into the viewport to create virtual sliders.

Now you can easily zoom and pan around in your camera view with a background.
CTRL+MMB on the parameter label in the View tab will reset all to the default value.

To link the ‘Window Size’ values, drag one on top of the other and choose ‘channel reference’.

It would be nice to have this more like in SI, but this works for me too.

hope this helps,

Richard Costin
+1 on this (sorry to resurrect an old thread).
We often jump back into Soft for any delicate hand tracking work and export back into Houdini.
+1 too for “standard” shortcuts on this camera screen windows parameters (is anyone already made a RFE for this) !
This would have been useful for my last project..
+1 Would love to be able to do this without sliders, and just with mouse and hotkey like in Soft!
+1 too
In 16.5, if you have zoom to mouse enabled (the default), control-right click will set window size and offset automatically when zooming into a point.
In 16.5, if you have zoom to mouse enabled (the default), control-right click will set window size and offset automatically when zooming into a point.
Thank you for the tip !
Just to be more precise : It's space(or alt) + ctrl + right clic
Nice, thanks! I can't find a quick interactive way to pan or reset once you are zoomed though…
Any tips?
Konstantin Kovalenko
I made an asset for this, its close to our goal but not enough, u should press and hold hotkey without clicking mouse and before that to activate tool press Scroll Lock (u will find help tip right on asset).. i dont have enough knowledge in hdk or at least python and qt to make the ideal tool (i didnt find it in python) just holding a hotkey and clicking mouse []

btw ctrl+space+LMB almost there! ideal! but, where is panning?? please sidefx!we need this too(( zoom to mouse position not enough
For me “ctrl+space+LMB” is nice to have but this one missed the XSI workflow completely too.

One crucial feature it's missing is that XSI Pan/zoom doesn't modify any camera data/parameter at all.

AFIK there is no way in Houdini camera navigation tools to apply same way of XSI pan/zoom navigation without touching any camera parameters.

You always have to create new camera just for zoomed in manipulation.
Jonathan de Blok
This might help! []
Yes ! it looks really good !
Did you guys have submitted RFEs for the tools you're missing and discussing here? Because the horse is dead for a long time now, it won't mind me beating it again: forum talks are all good, but when backed with RFEs, they're even better.
I admit I've not submit rfe on my side for this one. Of course it would be better if that was integrated by default with direct control in viewport, like in soft.
Konstantin Kovalenko
Ive sent RFE, they answered:

“We are currently working on adding this feature for our next mayor release.”

so just waiting
Yes !!! Good news thanks.
I'm pretty sure I did submit an RFE at that point in time for this.
Sometimes it's the small things that you miss when moving on to another application.

@Jonathan: Stop using Max!

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