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Full Version: alembic export and UE4 (now with animated gifs!)
Root » Houdini Engine for Unreal » alembic export and UE4 (now with animated gifs!)
So I have this “percentage loaded” animation in Houdini and it spins counter-clockwise. I export it as alembic. When I bring it into UE4 it spins clockwise.
You really should be posting in the UE forum []
Yes, I just noticed that category. Will do in the future. Perhaps an admin can move it over.
try the lastest daily build. I was having issues with landscapes being transformed into the wrong position and its was resolved in 16.0.557.
FIXED: If you look at the image closely, it looks inside out. I tried again today and noticed that the y-axis on initial import looks to be -1. I didn't notice this when I set the scaling to 100 units (to convert 1m units from houdini into 1cm units in UE4). Setting it to -100 now shows the correct animation.
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