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I'm trying out the new imposter workflow, following the tutorial here: []

I'm trying to render out using the following settings:

Sprite Resolution: 256x256
Frames Around Z: 16

So this should give me a 4096x4096 texture atlas. However, no matter what I try, it gives me a 1440x1440 atlas.

I can't see anything in the settings which should be reducing the resolution, and this isn't mentioned in the tutorial (I don't think). I'm working on Houdini Indie, so should have unlimited output resolution for still images.

What's going on?

Additionally, Beauty and Normal are rendering out fine but the BaseColour is rendering out totally black.

Thanks for any help!
That sounds like you're using an apprentice license because that's the resolution limit you would hit.

Can you share a file? I've tested on my side and I can render 4096x4096.

Hey Mike,

That's what I assumed at first as well, but when I have the project open, it says ‘Houdini Indie Limited Commercial’ in the top left corner.

I have just created another project from scratch with the basic setup, definitely in Indie not Apprentice, and it's got the same issues. See attached.

It outputs 1440x1440 and the BaseColor pass is totally black.
Sorry about that. I was setting the frame range to 1 and 1 to guarantee it would render the first frame but the license picks that up as a frame range and limits the resolution. I've submitted a change to the development branch on GitHub which should fix your issue. Make sure you're using the latest version of the tool which should start with “GameDev”

You might still have problems with animation impostors because COPs is also limited in resolution.

Regarding the base colour - the pig head and toy are using the older shop materials which don't export the necessary image planes. If you use assign a principle shader to the object it will export the base colour.

Hey Mike,

Thanks! I'm not trying to do animated imposters right now. Good to know about the materials too. Was only using the pig head to test it out anyway.

Thanks again.
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