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Random Stroke
Hey everyone !
Well, there is a great package on Luiz Kruel's tutorial page ( [] ) and it seems to work just fine in UE, however once brought to Unity ( 2017.2.0f3 )…it doesn't look right. []
I've used the very same mesh and texture import settings but still no luck, maybe someone has already encountered the same problem) Any tips are greatly appreciated) Thanks!)
What are you trying to import into Unity? Cloth, rbd, fluid? And what are your export settings?

Random Stroke
It's fluid , i mean it's vertex_animation_texture in houdini with a mthod set to “Fluid(Changing Topology)”and export settings are copied from the existing rop. I decided to try initial textures and mesh from the package, and it worked! ( my bad, must've done this beforehand ) so it seems that it doesn't work whith any resolution but 2048.
Anyways, thanks for an answer Mike !)
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