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Full Version: PDG and Foundry products?
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Does PDG work with Foundry's Nuke Studio and regular NukeX?
We don't currently have any built-in nodes for working with Nuke, but this is definitely something that could be done with PDG. There is a section in the docs that goes into detail about running external programs from PDG: []
Note the above doc Brandon referred to is if you want a more serious integration with one of these packages. If you wanted to do some very quick one off, then check out the Python Processor, Python Script, and Generic Processor nodes.
Thanks a lot - we will look into this. Cheers!
Are you more interested in running Command Chains? Or one-off processes?
Not too sure tbh - we are always setting up ad-hoc pipelines and I want to see how PDG can work to simplify it.
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