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Are there any plans to implement something like Softimage's animation mixer into Houdini any time in the near future ? Or even something like Maya's time editor ?

Someone will prolly shout “CHOPS”, but that's almost like suggesting POV RAY as an alternative for Redshift :-).

I think I'm one of the last Softies trying to switch to Houdini, the easy days are over I suspect ;-)

I asked in 2004 for a mixer and netview and got interest then. Netview made it, Mixer…
It’s a shame.

Now that I’ve been using Houdini a bit longer I noticed how little attention character, keyframe animation and modeling gets. Most of the polishing seems to go to the already shiny parts like simulation, dynamics and stuff like that.

I suspect in a little while, when Softimage is completely unusable and out of the picture, a lot of peeps will be switching to Maya after all, no matter how crappy it is. Simply because keyframe and character animation is catching dust in Houdini and is becoming too frustrating.

Not a full replacement for XSI NLE editor but take a look at Adam Swaabs NLE editor: []

Check his twitter (@adamswaab) for more video showcases.
That looks very promising !

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