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Full Version: 'Cook Batch When' changes dirty cache?
Root » PDG/TOPs » 'Cook Batch When' changes dirty cache?
On a ROPFetch, if I switch the Cook Batch When state, it dirties my cache.

Is that expected? Seems odd since I'm only changing the manner in which the images are generated, not the names or content.

What do you mean by dirtying the cache? The Cook Batch When parm shouldn't have any affect on the cached files on disk, or the behavior of the Cache Mode parameter.
Sorry, Taylor. Should have typed ‘dirties my node’.

The behavior I've seen is that when I switch that parameter, the node suddenly thinks the files on disk are no longer a match for the node output. Seemed strange to me, and from your response it doesn't sound like expected behavior.

I'll try to put together an example file I can post…

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