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Full Version: MDD Point Cache Functional via ROP Fetch TOP?
Root » PDG/TOPs » MDD Point Cache Functional via ROP Fetch TOP?
I may just be confused about how the ROP Fetch TOP is supposed to work, but I can't seem to get the MDD Point Cache Driver to actually output the anything but a single frame.

1. Open the attached file and go to /obj/geo1/ropnet1/mdd2 and hit Render to Dist. You'll get an mdd file just under 7 MB in size.
2. Go to /obj/geo1/topnet1/ropfetch1. Cook the node and you will see a resulting mdd file that is 59 kB, which is the size of a single frame.

No matter what settings I put on ropfetch1 it will not render out the full mdd file. What am I missing here?
Which build of Houdini are you using?
Hi there – I took a look at the .hip file. You'll want to turn on the “All Frames in One Batch” option. When it's not enabled, each frame is being submitted as its own job and since the output file is set to $OS, they are all overwriting the same file. When “All Frames in One Batch” is enabled, the entire frame range is submitted as a single job and it will render the entire frame range to the .mdd file.
Ah…I thought from the sheer number of tasks created that this wasn't the right option. Now I just need to get the correct frame range from a detail attribute and this should work. Thanks!
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