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Hi @all,

we developed a product using Houdini and we'd like to process Mesh data on a Linux Server without x-server using Houdini Engine. Everything should be driven by custom PHP running inside a Web-Browser on a client.

We are not shure if this is the right method? Houdini Engine should be able to process any Digital Asset created inside Houdini. We think it sould be able to drive the HDA on a minimal linux server setup (Client uploads Data over a Web Browser -> Process Data on Server -> Output new Data to Client)

Perhaps someone of you already developed something similar? Do you think this is the right method?

Thanks in advice!
It depends on what your use cases are. But I would suggest that since HAPI is a C API, you will want to create a wrapper program that can talk to your network service over HTTP and translate that to HAPI calls.

Alternatively, you could have an intermediate job queue that the HAPI or hython program pulls work from. Your clients can then just talk to the work queue API. This is what we use for PDG hdaprocessor service.
Hi @chrisgreb,

could you please take a look at the following post: []

This is the code we are using at the moment. Maybe you can tell us why we are unable to set parameters correctly? In Addition, maybe you got a hint for a proper debugging Workflow.

Thanks in advice, Marco
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