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New in 17.5.581/18.0.430
  • Added the ability to pass component selections into Houdini string parameters.
    Specifying the new “sidefx::maya_component_selection_type” tag on a string parm will now instruct Maya that it should accept component selections of the given type. The format that Maya will pass back to Houdini is the same as what is expected by the Group SOP.

    One usage of this is to pass a component selection into Houdini as a group. To do this, you would promote the “Group Base” parm from the group node to the HDA. Then in the Edit Operator Type Properties window, add the tag “sidefx::maya_component_selection_type”. (In Houdini 18+ you can choose it from the “Built-in Tags” button). The tag's value should be either “vertex”, “face”, “edge” or “uv”. Make sure that your group is operating on the same type.

    If you are just promoting the “Base Group” parm, you will need to edit the “script_action” tag as well. In the Parameter Description, choose the Action Button panel, and enter:

    import soputils
    kwargs['inputindex'] = 0
    kwargs['geometrytype'] = hou.geometryType.Points

    Replacing hou.geometryType.Points with either Points, Primitives or Edges depending on your selection type.

    I have attached an example HDA that will set the vertex color of the selected vertices, as well as deform them with a mountain SOP.
New in 17.5.587/18.0.435
  • Parameter help strings are now displayed as tool-tips in the Maya Attribute Editor.
    If you hover over an attribute in the Maya attribute editor and the corresponding HDA's parameter has a help string defined for it, it will now be shown in both a tool-tip as well as in Maya's help line.
New in 17.5.661/18.0.509
  • Parameters that modify others can now trigger an attribute sync when modified.
    Specifying the new “sidefx::maya_parm_affects_others” tag on a parm will now instruct Maya that it should perform an attribute sync whenever it is modified. This is mainly used when a parm callback modifies the state of other parms.
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