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What has been the success rate for people running the Houdini Niagara Plug-In on UE4.27.0 ?
At my workplace, I want to request for out builds manager to add it to our engine, but I want to give him supporting evidence that it works properly.
Hello there,

Would like to know if there will be an updated version of this plugin for Unreal version 4.27 ?
If it is coming out soon, that would be amazing!
Any update on Niagara for 4.27.2? Epic installer doesnt allow for 4.27.1 install
Production of character cluster, character's two action switch when there is a jam, do you appear, how to solve?
Hei,mikelyndon-sesi. im is your fans. You look like you haven't spoken on the forum in a long time. In 19.Houdini The tools turorial is old , I think you should append a new turorial ,Thanks mike~
Jeremy Kendall
Just noticed this has been updated as of 10 days ago. Before I spend the time compiling it has anyone tested it? []
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