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I'm looking for a way to have an undefined number of curve inputs display in Unity. Is there a way to achieve something like this?

As exemple, I'm creating a tree HDA based on curves. I would like to have one main curve for trunk, and the possibility to add additionals curves to shape the branches. But the number of branches is not a constant.

Thank you,

FĂ©lix Cantet
Perhaps try with multiparm input?
Thanks !

Do you think I will be able to expose and edit this curves in Unity side ?

I will try this, thank you !

Have a nice day
I found a way to achieve this by using two HDA asset. The first that contain only one curve, and the second have an Object Merge exposed in the HDA asset. This way, I could input in Unity side the HDA curves with input set to “HDA”, and process what I want from this input curves.

I found the solution here : []
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