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Full Version: Object disappears during Polygon Extrude action
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I am very new to Houdini and am following the beginner soccerball tutorial. I create a box and type s > 4 > n to select all primitives. I then go to Model > Polygon > Polygon Extrude and enter Distance: 0.4. The box completely disappears and I cannot get it back.

Please help.
a soccerball from a BOX ?

anyway, i did search and sure enough, some dude started from a box…then he did a switcharoo for a soccerball platonic less than a minute in…Snorrrrt.

anyway, just use a platonic, get it over with and spend the rest of your time exploring polyextrude.

Island []
Page 48. Note that in this tutorial, they map the platonic onto a sphere with the ray node, which helps maintain the spherical shape. The book is written for an older version of Houdini, but works perfectly in version 18.

Similarly, see []
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