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Congratulations to everyone for a great month of art and animation, to everyone who completed the Iron Heart and to carldrifter for winning best collection. Best Image/Animation judging will take place over the next week and will be announced as soon as possible.

For everyone who won daily challenge T-shirts or Iron Heart SWAG Packs (for Iron Heart make sure you have submitted your contact sheet HERE [] and that all your entries are in the appropriate forums) then fill out the following form:


Please note that you can only win one t-shirt even if you won on multiple days. The SWAG pack does come with a possible second Tshirt if you won a daily prize and the IRON HEART - you can ask for different sizes for these two shirts in the Questionnaire.
Congratulations to everyone!
Thanks to SideFX for such an amazing challenge!
Congratulations to everyone for a great month of art...

Thanks SideFX for did that!
The full winners list is now up - Congrats to everyone who participated:

Jason Harmon
Has anyone got their swag boxes or shirts? I haven't gotten anything, and almost forgot about them it's been so long.
No I haven't gotten anything yet either. I was just coming here to ask the same thing!
Funny, I just had the same thought for the first time since Mardini and found you guys had just asked.

Nothing for me yet but apparently we all have the same "wait... isn't there supposed to be stuff here by now" internal timer.
Joshua Petrakos
Is anyone still waiting? A few friends got their stuff a few weeks ago but I haven't gotten any notification of my Mardini pack yet.
Jason Harmon
Still haven't gotten anything. There was an email saying packages would be shipped in July, but that didn't happen for me. I replied to the email asking if there was any update, but didn't get a response.
Got my Mardini merch today. Thanks team.
It's here its here! Thanks guys! I'll be sleeping in my fresh new gear this evening.
Got my package today! Yay! Thank you sidefx and team!! Great start to the weekend!!
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