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Full Version: Python processor external script can't import pdgcmd/pdgjson
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I'm trying to write a python processor top to run txmake on some input images as a bit of an exercise. I am following the docs: [] and have managed to get the processor to generate some work items so that bit is working. I created an external python script to run the actual command as recommended but it is unable to import either pdgcmd or pdgjson. I'm not sure how to achieve that part and it's not entirely clear from the docs. I added $HHP/pdgjob/ and $HHP/pdgjob/ in the files sections of the python processor top but this doesn't seem to do anything. What environment is the external script running in at the point of execution? Do I need an env var pointing at those modules or something?
Can you post the Python Processor code you're using, or possibly the whole .hip file?

Both pdgcmd and pdgjson should be available on the python path for all work items, since they're copied to $PDGTEMP/scripts.
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