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Full Version: 3D Connextion space mouse with Houdini
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Does anyone know if it's possible to lock the horizon tilt in the Houdini viewport? I use a 3d Connextion space mouse and the tilt/roll in the viewport is really nauseating, and I was hoping I could disable it. In space mouse settings in other packages there's an option to "lock horizon" but for Houdini I don't see that option in the space mouse settings, so I was hoping I could do this through the Houdini preferences, but I'm just not finding it there. Any idea if this is possible in Houdini?
Siavash Tehrani
It's not possible, SideFX has not implemented it. There is an existing RFE (Request for Enhancement) #106266 for this feature. I would urge you to add your voice to it. []
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