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Full Version: How to show work items on custom SOP HDA?
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With nodes like the Labs file cache or file cache 2.0, I get the task graph table icon underneath the node as well the little widgets on the left indicating the state of the current work items. I am trying to reproduce this on our own file cache node, but unfortunately, I am unable to get these widgets to show. I assumed it was as easy as placing a top geometry or topnet inside of the HDA, but that did not yield results. At the same time, unlocking and removing the TOPs from the existing nodes, will make the widgets disappear.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
I'll be dammned... Literally the previous post asked the same question just with different keywords that it did not show up in my search... []

And the solution: []
I know the answer.message me.
I hope it helps you.
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