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Is there a way to make work items that are being executing locally to start faster I am trying to understand how can I optimize this process, when I try to use TOPs to render sequences from Solaris even with fast and light renders work items sometimes take minutes to start, making it slower than the render itself.
Even if I try to just render the USDs the start time time is the same.

How can I optimize this and what could I be doing wrong? Any tips?
Start up time is the time to launch a new Houdini instances. You could try to improve that by not loading too many hdas and make it not pull a lot of stuff from servers or slow drives. Or you could use top services. Once started it will reuse the launched Houdini instance. []
Thanks for the feedback!
It makes totally sense, the one thing I did was to save all as usd first and then just render those, I can fell a little bit of improvement but I still have to see those instances opening which takes time.
I will try PDG services but sometimes it freezes my machine and I have to restart it.
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