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ClosureLayerNodeMdl.h File Reference
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class  StringConstantsMdl
 Holds all constants required by the layering and its transformations. More...
class  CarryThinFilmParameters< TBase >
class  ClosureLayerNodeMdl
 Closure layer node implementation for MDL. More...
class  LayerableNodeMdl
class  ThinFilmReceiverNodeMdl
 Used for elemental nodes that can consume thin film. More...
class  ThinFilmCombineNodeMdl
 Base class for operators that on bsdfs that need to transport the thin film parameters. More...
class  MixBsdfNodeMdl
 Used for mix_bsdf nodes. More...
class  AddOrMultiplyBsdfNodeMdl
 Used for add_bsdf and multpli_bsdf nodes. More...