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GU_PackedUSD.h File Reference
#include <GU/GU_PackedImpl.h>
#include <GT/GT_Handles.h>
#include <UT/UT_Error.h>
#include <pxr/pxr.h>
#include "pxr/usd/usd/prim.h"
#include "pxr/usd/usdGeom/imageable.h"
#include "gusd/api.h"
#include "gusd/purpose.h"
#include "gusd/stageEdit.h"
#include "gusd/USD_Utils.h"
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class  GusdGU_PackedUSD


typedef void(* 
GusdPackedUSDTracker )(const GU_PackedImpl *prim, bool create)

Variable Documentation

PXR_NAMESPACE_OPEN_SCOPE typedef void(* GusdPackedUSDTracker)(const GU_PackedImpl *prim, bool create)

A GU implementation of a packed USD prim.

This is a file backed prim that holds a reference to a prim in a usd file at a particular frame. The prim can be a group of prims.

When a packed prim that references a USD group is unpacked, the result is packed prims that represent the contents of that group. Those packed prims may also be groups. To unpack down to the leafs, you may have to unpack may times.

When we write USD packed prim to a USD file, we write a reference to the original file. USD has a limitation that it can only make references to root nodes.

When we write a reference into a USD file, we might want to use a different file path than we use in the Houdini session. For example, we might want to use a relative path vs. an absolute one. We might want to use a coalesced file vs per frame files. We don't want to enshrine this logic in the core so we provide a second alternative file name that can be used for this. If this fileName is left empty, we just us the primary file name.

Definition at line 69 of file GU_PackedUSD.h.