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Material.h File Reference
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MX_CORE_API vector< NodePtr
getShaderNodes (NodePtr materialNode, const string &nodeType=SURFACE_SHADER_TYPE_STRING, const string &target=EMPTY_STRING)
MX_CORE_API vector< OutputPtrgetConnectedOutputs (NodePtr node)
 Return a vector of all outputs connected to the given node's inputs. More...

Detailed Description

Material node helper functions

Definition in file Material.h.

Function Documentation

MX_CORE_API vector<OutputPtr> getConnectedOutputs ( NodePtr  node)

Return a vector of all outputs connected to the given node's inputs.

MATERIALX_NAMESPACE_BEGIN MX_CORE_API vector<NodePtr> getShaderNodes ( NodePtr  materialNode,
const string nodeType = SURFACE_SHADER_TYPE_STRING,
const string target = EMPTY_STRING 

Return a vector of all shader nodes connected to the given material node's inputs, filtered by the given shader type and target. By default, all surface shader nodes are returned.

materialNodeThe node to examine.
nodeTypeTHe shader node type to return. Defaults to the surface shader type.
targetAn optional target name, which will be used to filter the returned nodes.