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OPUI_Global.h File Reference
#include "OPUI_API.h"
#include <CH/CH_Group.h>
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OPUI_API UI_ValueOPUIgetChannelEditorOpenValue (bool create=false)
OPUI_API UI_ValueOPUIgetChannelScopeValue (bool create=false)
OPUI_API void OPUIclearChannelScope ()
OPUI_API void OPUIclearLayerScope ()
OPUI_API void OPUIclearChannelDisplay ()
OPUI_API void OPUIclearLayerDisplay ()
OPUI_API void OPUIclearChannelPin ()
OPUI_API void OPUIclearLayerPin ()
OPUI_API void OPUIchannelScopeChanged (bool open_channel_editor=true, bool immediate=false)
OPUI_API UI_ValueOPUIgetChannelGroupSelectionValue (bool create=false)
OPUI_API void OPUIsetChannelGroupSelection (const CH_GroupList &grps, UI_Object *by=NULL)
OPUI_API void OPUIgetChannelGroupSelection (CH_GroupList &grps)
OPUI_API UI_ValueOPUIgetCookUpdateOnceValue ()
 Obtain the UI_Value that gets triggered on manual cook updates. More...

Function Documentation

OPUI_API void OPUIchannelScopeChanged ( bool  open_channel_editor = true,
bool  immediate = false 
OPUI_API void OPUIclearChannelDisplay ( )
OPUI_API void OPUIclearChannelPin ( )
OPUI_API void OPUIclearChannelScope ( )
OPUI_API void OPUIclearLayerDisplay ( )
OPUI_API void OPUIclearLayerPin ( )
OPUI_API void OPUIclearLayerScope ( )
OPUI_API UI_Value* OPUIgetChannelEditorOpenValue ( bool  create = false)
OPUI_API void OPUIgetChannelGroupSelection ( CH_GroupList grps)
OPUI_API UI_Value* OPUIgetChannelGroupSelectionValue ( bool  create = false)
OPUI_API UI_Value* OPUIgetChannelScopeValue ( bool  create = false)
OPUI_API UI_Value& OPUIgetCookUpdateOnceValue ( )

Obtain the UI_Value that gets triggered on manual cook updates.

OPUI_API void OPUIsetChannelGroupSelection ( const CH_GroupList grps,
UI_Object by = NULL