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SOP_Expression.h File Reference
#include "SOP_API.h"
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SOP_API void SOPfindNearestToPrim (const GU_Detail &gdp, int prim_idx, const UT_Vector3 &position, const GEO_Primitive *&prim, float &u, float &v, float &distance)
SOP_API bool SOPswapUsesExprInputs (bool newvalue)

Function Documentation

SOP_API void SOPfindNearestToPrim ( const GU_Detail gdp,
int  prim_idx,
const UT_Vector3 position,
const GEO_Primitive *&  prim,
float &  u,
float &  v,
float &  distance 
SOP_API bool SOPswapUsesExprInputs ( bool  newvalue)