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diagnostic.h File Reference
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TF_API void TfInstallTerminateAndCrashHandlers ()

Detailed Description

Low-level utilities for informing users of various internal and external diagnostic conditions.

lib/tf supports a range of error-reporting routines.

For a more detailed explanation of when each of the facilities described in this file is appropriate, (and more importantly, when they're not!) see page_tf_Diagnostic.

Definition in file diagnostic.h.

Function Documentation

TF_API void TfInstallTerminateAndCrashHandlers ( )

(Re)install Tf's crash handler. This should not generally need to be called since Tf does this itself when loaded. However, when run in 3rd party environments that install their own signal handlers, possibly overriding Tf's, this provides a way to reinstall them, in hopes that they'll stick.

This calls std::set_terminate() and installs signal handlers for SIGSEGV, SIGBUS, SIGFPE, and SIGABRT.