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Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive Class Reference

#include <IArchive.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive:

Public Types

typedef IArchive this_type

Public Member Functions

 IArchive ()
template<class ARCHIVE_CTOR >
 IArchive (ARCHIVE_CTOR iCtor, const std::string &iFileName, ErrorHandler::Policy iPolicy=ErrorHandler::kThrowPolicy, AbcA::ReadArraySampleCachePtr iCachePtr=AbcA::ReadArraySampleCachePtr())
 IArchive (AbcA::ArchiveReaderPtr iPtr, ErrorHandler::Policy iPolicy=ErrorHandler::kThrowPolicy)
 IArchive (AbcA::ArchiveReaderPtr iPtr, WrapExistingFlag, ErrorHandler::Policy iPolicy=ErrorHandler::kThrowPolicy)
 ~IArchive ()
std::string getName () const
IObject getTop () const
AbcA::ReadArraySampleCachePtr getReadArraySampleCachePtr ()
void setReadArraySampleCachePtr (AbcA::ReadArraySampleCachePtr iPtr)
AbcA::ArchiveReaderPtr getPtr ()
void reset ()
AbcA::TimeSamplingPtr getTimeSampling (uint32_t iIndex)
 Returns the TimeSampling at a given index. More...
uint32_t getNumTimeSamplings ()
index_t getMaxNumSamplesForTimeSamplingIndex (uint32_t iIndex)
bool valid () const
int32_t getArchiveVersion ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::Base
ErrorHandlergetErrorHandler () const
ErrorHandler::Policy getErrorHandlerPolicy () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::Base
 Base ()
 Base (ErrorHandler::Policy iPolicy)
 Base (const Base &iCopy)
Baseoperator= (const Base &iCopy)
bool valid () const
void reset ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 52 of file IArchive.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

By convention, we always define "this_type" in every Abc class. This convention is relied upon by the unspecified-bool-type cast

Definition at line 58 of file IArchive.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive::IArchive ( )

The default constructor creates an empty IArchive function set. ...

Definition at line 66 of file IArchive.h.

template<class ARCHIVE_CTOR >
Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive::IArchive ( ARCHIVE_CTOR  iCtor,
const std::string iFileName,
ErrorHandler::Policy  iPolicy = ErrorHandler::kThrowPolicy,
AbcA::ReadArraySampleCachePtr  iCachePtr = AbcA::ReadArraySampleCachePtr() 

The explicit constructor opens an existing archive with the given file name. Additional arguments that may be passed are the error handler policy and a pointer to a cache instance. By default, an archive-local cache will be created.

iCtorWe need to pass in a constructor which provides an explicit link to the concrete implementation of AbcCoreAbstract that we're using.
iFileNameThe file name.

Definition at line 198 of file IArchive.h.

Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive::IArchive ( AbcA::ArchiveReaderPtr  iPtr,
ErrorHandler::Policy  iPolicy = ErrorHandler::kThrowPolicy 

This attaches an IArchive wrapper around an existing ArchiveReaderPtr, with an optional error handling policy.

iPtrThe pointer ...
iPolicyOptional error handling policy ...

Definition at line 87 of file IArchive.h.

Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive::IArchive ( AbcA::ArchiveReaderPtr  iPtr,
WrapExistingFlag  ,
ErrorHandler::Policy  iPolicy = ErrorHandler::kThrowPolicy 

Definition at line 103 of file IArchive.h.

Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive::~IArchive ( )

Destructor ...

Member Function Documentation

Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive::ALEMBIC_OPERATOR_BOOL ( valid()  )

The unspecified-bool-type operator casts the object to "true" if it is valid, and "false" otherwise.

int32_t Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive::getArchiveVersion ( )

Returns the Alembic library numeric version (see Foundation.h) of this archive file.

index_t Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive::getMaxNumSamplesForTimeSamplingIndex ( uint32_t  iIndex)

Returns the maximum number of samples written for the TimeSampling at the given index. If an illegal iIndex is specified, or a max number of samplings couldn't be found for that iIndex (for older archives pre 1.1.3) INDEX_UNKNOWN will be returned.

std::string Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive::getName ( ) const

Default copy constructor Default assignment operator Returns the file name. It is an error to do so with an invalid object.

uint32_t Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive::getNumTimeSamplings ( )

Returns the total number of TimeSamplingPtrs in the Archive TimeSampling pool.

AbcA::ArchiveReaderPtr Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive::getPtr ( )

getPtr, as usual, returns a shared ptr to the underlying AbcCoreAbstract object, in this case the ArchiveReaderPtr.

Definition at line 151 of file IArchive.h.

AbcA::ReadArraySampleCachePtr Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive::getReadArraySampleCachePtr ( )

Get the read array sample cache. It may be a NULL pointer. Caches can be shared amongst separate archives, and caching will be disabled if a NULL cache is returned here.

AbcA::TimeSamplingPtr Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive::getTimeSampling ( uint32_t  iIndex)

Returns the TimeSampling at a given index.

IObject Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive::getTop ( ) const

This returns the single top-level IObject that exists automatically as part of the archive.

void Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive::reset ( )

Reset returns this function et to an empty, default state.

Definition at line 155 of file IArchive.h.

void Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive::setReadArraySampleCachePtr ( AbcA::ReadArraySampleCachePtr  iPtr)

Set the read array sample cache. It may also be a NULL pointer. Caches can be shared amongst separate archives, and caching will be disabled if a NULL cache is passed here.

bool Alembic::Abc::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::IArchive::valid ( ) const

Valid returns whether this function set is valid.

Definition at line 172 of file IArchive.h.

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