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ArgParse Class Reference

#include <argparse.h>


class  Arg

Public Types

using Action = std::function< void(cspan< const char * > myargs)>
 Holder for a callback that takes a span of C strings as arguments. More...
using ArgAction = std::function< void(Arg &arg, cspan< const char * > myargs)>
typedef std::function< void(const
ArgParse &ap, std::ostream &)> 

Public Member Functions

 ArgParse ()
 Construct an ArgParse. More...
 ~ArgParse ()
 Destroy an ArgParse. More...
 ArgParse (int argc, const char **argv)
 ArgParse (const ArgParse &)=delete
const ArgParseoperator= (const ArgParse &)=delete
 ArgParse (ArgParse &&other)
 Move constructor. More...
ArgParseintro (string_view str)
ArgParseusage (string_view str)
ArgParsedescription (string_view str)
ArgParseepilog (string_view str)
ArgParseprog (string_view str)
ArgParseprint_defaults (bool print)
ArgParseadd_help (bool add_help)
ArgParseexit_on_error (bool exit_on_error)
void abort (bool aborted=true)
bool aborted () const
 Reveal whether the current state is aborted. More...
int parse_args (int argc, const char **argv)
bool has_error () const
 Is there a pending error message waiting to be retrieved? More...
std::string geterror (bool clear=true) const
std::string prog_name () const
void print_help () const
void briefusage () const
std::string command_line () const
 Return the entire command-line as one string. More...
Argadd_argument (const char *argname)
template<typename... T>
Argadd_argument (const char *argname, T...args)
Argarg (const char *argname)
 Shorter synonym for add_argument(). More...
template<typename... T>
Argarg (const char *argname, T...args)
 Shorter synonym for add_argument(). More...
Argseparator (string_view text)
AttrDelegate< const
operator[] (string_view name) const
 Access a single argument result by name. More...
AttrDelegate< ParamValueListoperator[] (string_view name)
 Access a single argument result by name. More...
ParamValueListparams ()
 Directly access the ParamValueList that holds the argument results. More...
const ParamValueListcparams () const
int options (const char *intro,...)
int parse (int argc, const char **argv)
void set_preoption_help (callback_t callback)
void set_postoption_help (callback_t callback)
void usage () const

Static Public Member Functions

static ArgAction store_true ()
 Return an action that stores 1 into its destination attribute. More...
static ArgAction store_false ()
 Return an action that stores 0 into its destination attribute. More...
template<typename T >
static ArgAction store_const (const T &value)
static ArgAction store_const (const char *value)
template<typename T = ustring>
static ArgAction store ()
template<typename T = ustring>
static ArgAction append ()
static Action do_nothing ()


class ArgOption

Detailed Description

Argument Parsing. Kind of resembles Python argparse library.

Set up argument parser:

ArgParse ap;
ap.intro("myapp does good things")
  .usage("myapp [options] filename...");
  .action([&](cspan<const char*> argv){ filenames.emplace_back(argv[0]); });

Declare arguments. Some examples of common idioms:

// Boolean option (no arguments)
  .help("verbose mode")

// integer option
ap.arg("-passes NPASSES")
   .help("number of passes")

// An option that takes 3 float arguments, like a V3f
ap.arg("-camera X Y Z")
  .help("set the camera position")
  .defaultval(Imath::V3f(0.0f, 0.0f, -1.0f))

// Positional argument -- append strings

Parse the command line:

ap.parse (argc, argv);

Extract the values like they are attributes in a ParamValueList:

int passes = ap["passes"].get<int>();
bool verbose = ap["verbose"].get<int>();
Imath::V3f camera = ap["camera"].get<Imath::V3f>();

Definition at line 174 of file argparse.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::function<void(const ArgParse& ap, std::ostream&)> ArgParse::callback_t

Definition at line 751 of file argparse.h.

Member Function Documentation

int ArgParse::options ( const char *  intro,
int ArgParse::parse ( int  argc,
const char **  argv 

Definition at line 748 of file argparse.h.

void ArgParse::set_postoption_help ( callback_t  callback)
void ArgParse::set_preoption_help ( callback_t  callback)
void ArgParse::usage ( ) const

Definition at line 758 of file argparse.h.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ArgOption

Definition at line 731 of file argparse.h.

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