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BRAY_ProceduralScene::Scene Class Reference

Wrapper around BRAY::ScenePtr. More...

#include <BRAY_ProceduralScene.h>


struct  AttrInfo

Public Member Functions

 Scene ()
void reset ()
 Reset the scene. More...
bool bindScene ()
 Bind the built scene to our pointers and check for validity. More...
void createAttribList (UT_Array< BRAY_AttribList::Attrib > &alist)
 Create an attribute list with all attributes. More...
void bounds (UT_BoundingBox &bounds, BRAYtime time) const
 Get the bounding box of the scene. More...
template<typename T >
const TattribEval (int attrib, BRAYtime time, const BRAY_Procedural::Hit &hit, T *buf, int size) const
template<typename T >
BRAY_Procedural::HitPtr intersect (const BRAY_Procedural::Ray< T > &ray, const BRAY_ProceduralScene &proc) const
 Intersect the scene. More...
BRAY::ScenePtrscene ()
 Get the underlying ScenePtr. More...
const BRAY::ScenePtrscene () const

Detailed Description

Wrapper around BRAY::ScenePtr.

Definition at line 39 of file BRAY_ProceduralScene.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BRAY_ProceduralScene::Scene::Scene ( )

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T >
const T* BRAY_ProceduralScene::Scene::attribEval ( int  attrib,
BRAYtime  time,
const BRAY_Procedural::Hit hit,
T buf,
int  size 
) const

Templated function to evaluate attributes Specialized for: int32/64, fpreal32/64, UT_StringHolder, UT_ValArray<int32/64>, UT_ValArray<fpreal32/64> UT_StringArray

bool BRAY_ProceduralScene::Scene::bindScene ( )

Bind the built scene to our pointers and check for validity.

void BRAY_ProceduralScene::Scene::bounds ( UT_BoundingBox bounds,
BRAYtime  time 
) const

Get the bounding box of the scene.

void BRAY_ProceduralScene::Scene::createAttribList ( UT_Array< BRAY_AttribList::Attrib > &  alist)

Create an attribute list with all attributes.

template<typename T >
BRAY_Procedural::HitPtr BRAY_ProceduralScene::Scene::intersect ( const BRAY_Procedural::Ray< T > &  ray,
const BRAY_ProceduralScene proc 
) const

Intersect the scene.

void BRAY_ProceduralScene::Scene::reset ( )

Reset the scene.

BRAY::ScenePtr& BRAY_ProceduralScene::Scene::scene ( )

Get the underlying ScenePtr.

Definition at line 75 of file BRAY_ProceduralScene.h.

const BRAY::ScenePtr& BRAY_ProceduralScene::Scene::scene ( ) const

Definition at line 76 of file BRAY_ProceduralScene.h.

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