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FBX_AnimCurveModifier Class Reference

#include <FBX_SceneProxy.h>

Public Member Functions

 FBX_AnimCurveModifier ()=default
 FBX_AnimCurveModifier (FBX_AnimCurveID curve)
 ~FBX_AnimCurveModifier ()
void reset (FBX_AnimCurveID curve)
void clearKeys ()
int addKey (fpreal time_seconds)
void setKeyInterpolation (int key_i, FBX_KeyInterp interp)
FBX_KeyInterp keyInterpolation (int key_i) const
void setKeyValue (int key_i, fpreal val)
fpreal keyValue (int key_i) const
FBX_AnimCurveID curve () const
int lastKeyIndex () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 549 of file FBX_SceneProxy.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FBX_AnimCurveModifier::FBX_AnimCurveModifier ( )
FBX_AnimCurveModifier::FBX_AnimCurveModifier ( FBX_AnimCurveID  curve)
FBX_AnimCurveModifier::~FBX_AnimCurveModifier ( )

Member Function Documentation

int FBX_AnimCurveModifier::addKey ( fpreal  time_seconds)
void FBX_AnimCurveModifier::clearKeys ( )
FBX_AnimCurveID FBX_AnimCurveModifier::curve ( ) const

Definition at line 567 of file FBX_SceneProxy.h.

FBX_KeyInterp FBX_AnimCurveModifier::keyInterpolation ( int  key_i) const
fpreal FBX_AnimCurveModifier::keyValue ( int  key_i) const
int FBX_AnimCurveModifier::lastKeyIndex ( ) const

Definition at line 568 of file FBX_SceneProxy.h.

void FBX_AnimCurveModifier::reset ( FBX_AnimCurveID  curve)
void FBX_AnimCurveModifier::setKeyInterpolation ( int  key_i,
FBX_KeyInterp  interp 
void FBX_AnimCurveModifier::setKeyValue ( int  key_i,
fpreal  val 

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