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FS_TempFileManager Class Reference

#include <FS_TempFileManager.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static int entries ()
 Return the number of temporary file handles. More...
static int deleteAllFiles ()
static bool deleteFile (const char *name)
static void getFileList (UT_StringArray &files)
 Return the list of all temporary files. More...

Detailed Description

This class provides an interface to query information about temporary files maintained by the "temp:" handler.

Definition at line 20 of file FS_TempFileManager.h.

Member Function Documentation

static int FS_TempFileManager::deleteAllFiles ( )

Close & remove all temporary files. This may not actually cause the file to be deleted. Since there may be streams which still reference the file, the file will stay in existence until all references are closed. However, this will cause all files to be deleted from the temp file cache. The function returns the number of files deleted.

static bool FS_TempFileManager::deleteFile ( const char *  name)

Close and remove a single temporary file. Please see deleteTempFiles() for details.

static int FS_TempFileManager::entries ( )

Return the number of temporary file handles.

static void FS_TempFileManager::getFileList ( UT_StringArray files)

Return the list of all temporary files.

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