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GA_SharedDataHandle Class Reference

#include <GA_SharedDataHandle.h>

Public Member Functions

 GA_SharedDataHandle (const UT_StringHolder &filename, exint offset, exint length, const GA_PrimitiveDefinition::SharedDataLoader *loader)
 ~GA_SharedDataHandle ()
void forceLoadSharedData (GA_SharedLoadData *loaded_data)
const GA_SharedLoadDataresolveSharedData (GA_Primitive *caller)
const GA_SharedLoadDataresolveSharedData (GA_Primitive *caller, GA_SharedDataContext &context)
const GA_SharedLoadDataStatstatSharedData ()
bool hasResolvedSharedData () const
 Returns true if we have already resolved our shared data. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file GA_SharedDataHandle.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GA_SharedDataHandle::GA_SharedDataHandle ( const UT_StringHolder filename,
exint  offset,
exint  length,
const GA_PrimitiveDefinition::SharedDataLoader loader 
filenameFilename to retrieve shared data from
offsetOffset into file given (usually given from index, -1 if no index)
loaderThe loader to use to retrieve the shared data Setting the offset to -1 means that there was no index in the file.
GA_SharedDataHandle::~GA_SharedDataHandle ( )

Member Function Documentation

void GA_SharedDataHandle::forceLoadSharedData ( GA_SharedLoadData loaded_data)

Forces the loading of the shared data immediately from the parser given. Used for backwards compatibility with files that do not have an index.

bool GA_SharedDataHandle::hasResolvedSharedData ( ) const

Returns true if we have already resolved our shared data.

const GA_SharedLoadData* GA_SharedDataHandle::resolveSharedData ( GA_Primitive caller)

Called by shared data users when they want to retrieve the loaded data. After calling this function they should clear Their shared pointer to this object so the loaded data can be freed.

const GA_SharedLoadData* GA_SharedDataHandle::resolveSharedData ( GA_Primitive caller,
GA_SharedDataContext context 
const GA_SharedLoadDataStat* GA_SharedDataHandle::statSharedData ( )

Called by shared data users to get metadata on the shared data that can be resolved though this handle. Note: This function will return NULL if we have already resolved our shared data (and hence stating it would not save time)

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