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GDT_PrimitiveList Class Reference

#include <GDT_PrimitiveList.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for GDT_PrimitiveList:

Public Member Functions

 GDT_PrimitiveList ()
 GDT_PrimitiveList (const GDT_PrimitiveList &other)
 ~GDT_PrimitiveList () override
void applyDeltas (GEO_Detail &gdp, bool inverse=false) const override
void mergePrimitiveDeltas (const GDT_PrimitiveList &other, bool inverse=false)
void resetElementsFromSource (GEO_Detail &gdp, const GEO_Detail &src_gdp) const
void applyIntersectionDeltas (GEO_Detail &gdp, const GDT_PrimitiveList &other) const
void endAttributeChange (const GEO_Detail &gdp)
void beginPrimitiveTransformChange (const UT_Matrix3 &mat)
void endPrimitiveTransformChange (const UT_Matrix3 &mat, unsigned int index)
const GA_AttributeDictgetAttributeDict (const GEO_Detail &gdp) const override
bool hasChange () const override
virtual bool haveAttributesChanged () const
bool hasTransformChanged () const
virtual bool legacyLoadTrans (UT_IStream &is, uint numtotal)
bool saveTrans (UT_JSONWriter &w, const GDT_JSON &json) const
bool loadTrans (UT_JSONParser &p, const GDT_JSON &json)
void zeroDeltas () override
void clearDeltas () override
void destroy () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from GDT_TokenList
 GDT_TokenList ()
 GDT_TokenList (const GDT_TokenList &other)
virtual ~GDT_TokenList ()=0
virtual int64 getMemoryUsage (bool inclusive=false) const
void setAttribDict (const GA_AttributeDict &dict, const GA_AttributeFilter &filter)
void refreshAttribDict (const GA_AttributeDict &dict, const GA_AttributeFilter &filter)
void beginAttributeChange (GA_Offset element)
void beginAttributeChange (const GA_Range &elements)
void endAttributeChange (const GA_AIFEditDeltaMap &map)
virtual bool legacyLoadAttribs (UT_IStream &is, uint size)
bool saveAttribs (UT_JSONWriter &w, const GDT_JSON &json) const
bool loadAttribs (UT_JSONParser &p, const GDT_JSON &json)
void renameAttribute (const UT_String &oldname, const UT_String &newname)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from GDT_TokenList
void applyAttributeDeltas (GEO_Detail &gdp, const GA_AIFEditDeltaMap &map, bool inverse=false) const
void applyScaledAttributeDeltas (GEO_Detail &gdp, fpreal64 scale, const GA_AIFEditDeltaMap &, const UT_Int64Array *subset, bool inverse=false) const
void mergeAttributeDeltas (const GDT_TokenList &other, bool inverse=false)
void resetAttributeElementsFromSource (GEO_Detail &gdp, const GA_AIFEditDeltaMap &map, const GEO_Detail &src_gdp, const GA_AIFEditDeltaMap &src_map) const
void applyIntersectionAttributeDeltas (GEO_Detail &gdp, const GA_AIFEditDeltaMap &map, const GDT_TokenList &other) const
int getBoundAttributeIndex (const UT_String &name) const
const GA_AttributegetBoundAttribute (int i) const
unsigned int appendAttribute (const UT_String &name, const UT_String &type, const UT_Options &creation_options, const GA_Defaults &defaults)
unsigned int appendAttribute (const GA_Attribute &attrib)
GDT_Attribute * attribs (unsigned int i)
const GDT_Attribute * attribs (unsigned int i) const
int numAttribs () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file GDT_PrimitiveList.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GDT_PrimitiveList::GDT_PrimitiveList ( )

Definition at line 27 of file GDT_PrimitiveList.h.

GDT_PrimitiveList::GDT_PrimitiveList ( const GDT_PrimitiveList other)
GDT_PrimitiveList::~GDT_PrimitiveList ( )

Member Function Documentation

void GDT_PrimitiveList::applyDeltas ( GEO_Detail gdp,
bool  inverse = false 
) const

Implements GDT_TokenList.

void GDT_PrimitiveList::applyIntersectionDeltas ( GEO_Detail gdp,
const GDT_PrimitiveList other 
) const
void GDT_PrimitiveList::beginPrimitiveTransformChange ( const UT_Matrix3 mat)
void GDT_PrimitiveList::clearDeltas ( )

Reimplemented from GDT_TokenList.

void GDT_PrimitiveList::destroy ( )

Reimplemented from GDT_TokenList.

void GDT_PrimitiveList::endAttributeChange ( const GEO_Detail gdp)
void GDT_PrimitiveList::endPrimitiveTransformChange ( const UT_Matrix3 mat,
unsigned int  index 
const GA_AttributeDict& GDT_PrimitiveList::getAttributeDict ( const GEO_Detail gdp) const

Implements GDT_TokenList.

Definition at line 57 of file GDT_PrimitiveList.h.

bool GDT_PrimitiveList::hasChange ( ) const

Reimplemented from GDT_TokenList.

bool GDT_PrimitiveList::hasTransformChanged ( ) const

Definition at line 64 of file GDT_PrimitiveList.h.

virtual bool GDT_PrimitiveList::haveAttributesChanged ( ) const

Definition at line 62 of file GDT_PrimitiveList.h.

virtual bool GDT_PrimitiveList::legacyLoadTrans ( UT_IStream is,
uint  numtotal 
bool GDT_PrimitiveList::loadTrans ( UT_JSONParser p,
const GDT_JSON &  json 
void GDT_PrimitiveList::mergePrimitiveDeltas ( const GDT_PrimitiveList other,
bool  inverse = false 
void GDT_PrimitiveList::resetElementsFromSource ( GEO_Detail gdp,
const GEO_Detail src_gdp 
) const
bool GDT_PrimitiveList::saveTrans ( UT_JSONWriter w,
const GDT_JSON &  json 
) const
void GDT_PrimitiveList::zeroDeltas ( )

Reimplemented from GDT_TokenList.

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