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GEO_CaptureOverrideData Class Reference

#include <GEO_CaptureOverrideData.h>

Public Member Functions

 GEO_CaptureOverrideData ()
virtual ~GEO_CaptureOverrideData ()
void destroy ()
void getOpPaths (UT_Array< const char * > &paths)
void getOpPathsCopy (UT_Array< char * > &paths)
void setOpPaths (const UT_Array< char * > &paths)
int changeOpPaths (const char *old_name, const char *new_name)
void changeCaptureRegionRoot (const char *old_root, const char *new_root)
void refreshCaptureFrameInfo (const GEO_Detail &gdp, GEO_CaptureRegionDataCB get_region, void *user_data)
void applyOverrides (GEO_Detail &gdp)
void mergeCaptureWeightOverridesDelta (GEO_CaptureOverrideDelta &delta)
void undoCaptureWeightOverridesDelta (const GEO_CaptureOverrideDelta &delta)
bool overrideExists (int point_num) const
int64 getMemoryUsage () const
int save (std::ostream &os, int binary) const
bool load (UT_IStream &is)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file GEO_CaptureOverrideData.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GEO_CaptureOverrideData::GEO_CaptureOverrideData ( )
virtual GEO_CaptureOverrideData::~GEO_CaptureOverrideData ( )

Member Function Documentation

void GEO_CaptureOverrideData::applyOverrides ( GEO_Detail gdp)
void GEO_CaptureOverrideData::changeCaptureRegionRoot ( const char *  old_root,
const char *  new_root 
int GEO_CaptureOverrideData::changeOpPaths ( const char *  old_name,
const char *  new_name 
void GEO_CaptureOverrideData::destroy ( )
int64 GEO_CaptureOverrideData::getMemoryUsage ( ) const
void GEO_CaptureOverrideData::getOpPaths ( UT_Array< const char * > &  paths)
void GEO_CaptureOverrideData::getOpPathsCopy ( UT_Array< char * > &  paths)
bool GEO_CaptureOverrideData::load ( UT_IStream is)
void GEO_CaptureOverrideData::mergeCaptureWeightOverridesDelta ( GEO_CaptureOverrideDelta delta)
bool GEO_CaptureOverrideData::overrideExists ( int  point_num) const
void GEO_CaptureOverrideData::refreshCaptureFrameInfo ( const GEO_Detail gdp,
GEO_CaptureRegionDataCB  get_region,
void user_data 
int GEO_CaptureOverrideData::save ( std::ostream &  os,
int  binary 
) const
void GEO_CaptureOverrideData::setOpPaths ( const UT_Array< char * > &  paths)
void GEO_CaptureOverrideData::undoCaptureWeightOverridesDelta ( const GEO_CaptureOverrideDelta delta)

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