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GR_OptionTable Class Reference

#include <GR_OptionTable.h>

Public Member Functions

 GR_OptionTable ()
virtual ~GR_OptionTable ()
void addTemplate (GR_OptionTemplate *tplate)
int getNumTemplates () const
GR_OptionTemplategetTemplate (int i) const
int getNumOptions () const
const GR_UserOptiongetOption (int i) const
GR_UserOptioncreateOption (const char *type, const char *name, const char *label=NULL)
bool destroyOption (const char *name)
int destroyOptionsByPattern (const char *pattern)
bool renameOption (const char *old_name, const char *new_name, bool notify)
void optionChanged (const char *name)
GR_UserOptiongetOption (const char *name)
int getOptionId (const char *name) const
GR_UserOptiongetOptionById (int unique_id)
void getOptionsByPattern (const char *pattern, UT_ValArray< GR_UserOption * > &l)
< GR_OptionTableEvent & > & 
getEventNotifier ()
void saveDefaultOptionDefinitions ()
void loadDefaultOptionDefinitions ()
bool saveOptions (std::ostream &os, int indent=0) const
 Return true if the save/load was successful, and false otherwise. More...
bool loadOptions (UT_IStream &is)

Static Public Member Functions

static void overrideDefinitionFile (const char *filename)

Protected Attributes

UT_ValArray< GR_OptionTemplate * > myTemplates
UT_SymbolMap< GR_OptionTemplate * > myTemplateLUT
UT_ValArray< GR_UserOption * > myOptions
UT_SymbolMap< exintmyOptionsLUT
UT_ValArray< GR_UserOption * > myOptionsByID
< GR_OptionTableEvent & > 

Detailed Description

Definition at line 43 of file GR_OptionTable.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GR_OptionTable::GR_OptionTable ( )
virtual GR_OptionTable::~GR_OptionTable ( )

Member Function Documentation

void GR_OptionTable::addTemplate ( GR_OptionTemplate tplate)
GR_UserOption* GR_OptionTable::createOption ( const char *  type,
const char *  name,
const char *  label = NULL 
bool GR_OptionTable::destroyOption ( const char *  name)
int GR_OptionTable::destroyOptionsByPattern ( const char *  pattern)
UT_NotifierImpl<GR_OptionTableEvent &>& GR_OptionTable::getEventNotifier ( )

Returns a notifier that distributes events when options are added, removed or changed.

Definition at line 83 of file GR_OptionTable.h.

int GR_OptionTable::getNumOptions ( ) const

Definition at line 57 of file GR_OptionTable.h.

int GR_OptionTable::getNumTemplates ( ) const
const GR_UserOption* GR_OptionTable::getOption ( int  i) const
GUI/GUI_PolySoupBox.C, and GUI/GUI_PrimFramework.C.

Definition at line 58 of file GR_OptionTable.h.

GR_UserOption* GR_OptionTable::getOption ( const char *  name)
GR_UserOption* GR_OptionTable::getOptionById ( int  unique_id)

Definition at line 70 of file GR_OptionTable.h.

int GR_OptionTable::getOptionId ( const char *  name) const
void GR_OptionTable::getOptionsByPattern ( const char *  pattern,
UT_ValArray< GR_UserOption * > &  l 
GR_OptionTemplate* GR_OptionTable::getTemplate ( int  i) const
void GR_OptionTable::loadDefaultOptionDefinitions ( )
bool GR_OptionTable::loadOptions ( UT_IStream is)
void GR_OptionTable::optionChanged ( const char *  name)
static void GR_OptionTable::overrideDefinitionFile ( const char *  filename)
bool GR_OptionTable::renameOption ( const char *  old_name,
const char *  new_name,
bool  notify 
void GR_OptionTable::saveDefaultOptionDefinitions ( )
bool GR_OptionTable::saveOptions ( std::ostream &  os,
int  indent = 0 
) const

Return true if the save/load was successful, and false otherwise.

Member Data Documentation

UT_NotifierImpl<GR_OptionTableEvent &> GR_OptionTable::myEventNotifier

Definition at line 112 of file GR_OptionTable.h.

UT_ValArray<GR_UserOption *> GR_OptionTable::myOptions

Definition at line 104 of file GR_OptionTable.h.

UT_ValArray<GR_UserOption *> GR_OptionTable::myOptionsByID

Definition at line 108 of file GR_OptionTable.h.

UT_SymbolMap<exint> GR_OptionTable::myOptionsLUT

Definition at line 105 of file GR_OptionTable.h.

UT_SymbolMap<GR_OptionTemplate *> GR_OptionTable::myTemplateLUT

Definition at line 102 of file GR_OptionTable.h.

UT_ValArray<GR_OptionTemplate *> GR_OptionTable::myTemplates

Definition at line 101 of file GR_OptionTable.h.

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