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GT_OSDPatchTable Class Reference

#include <GT_OSD3.h>

Public Types

using TopologyRefiner = OpenSubdiv::Far::TopologyRefiner
using PatchTable = OpenSubdiv::Far::PatchTable
using PatchTableFactory = OpenSubdiv::Far::PatchTableFactory
using PatchDescriptor = OpenSubdiv::Far::PatchDescriptor
using ConstIndexArray = OpenSubdiv::Far::ConstIndexArray
using PatchParam = OpenSubdiv::Far::PatchParam
using PatchType = OpenSubdiv::Far::PatchDescriptor::Type
using PtexIndices = OpenSubdiv::Far::PtexIndices
using Handle = PatchTable::PatchHandle

Public Member Functions

 GT_OSDPatchTable ()
bool create (const GT_OSDTopology &top, bool createPtexMap=false, bool legacy_linear=true)
int arrayCount () const
int arrayPatchCount (int arr) const
int numLocalPoints () const
int numLocalPointsVarying () const
ConstIndexArray vertexArray (int arr) const
ConstIndexArray varyingVertexArray (int arr) const
PatchDescriptor arrayPatchDesc (int arr) const
template<typename T >
void computeLocalPoints (T *src, T *dest) const
template<typename T >
void computeLocalFVPoints (T *src, T *dest) const
PatchParam patchParam (int arr, int pat) const
ConstIndexArray patchVertices (const Handle &patch) const
ConstIndexArray patchFVValues (const Handle &patch) const
void evaluateBasis (const Handle &patch, float u, float v, float *w, float *du, float *dv) const
void evaluateBasisFV (const Handle &patch, float u, float v, float *w, float *du, float *dv) const
int numPtexFaces () const
const intgetPtexMap () const
const UT_Array< int > & getPtexArray () const
PatchTablegetTable () const
bool initialized () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 256 of file GT_OSD3.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

using GT_OSDPatchTable::ConstIndexArray = OpenSubdiv::Far::ConstIndexArray

Definition at line 263 of file GT_OSD3.h.

using GT_OSDPatchTable::Handle = PatchTable::PatchHandle

Definition at line 267 of file GT_OSD3.h.

using GT_OSDPatchTable::PatchDescriptor = OpenSubdiv::Far::PatchDescriptor

Definition at line 262 of file GT_OSD3.h.

using GT_OSDPatchTable::PatchParam = OpenSubdiv::Far::PatchParam

Definition at line 264 of file GT_OSD3.h.

using GT_OSDPatchTable::PatchTable = OpenSubdiv::Far::PatchTable

Definition at line 260 of file GT_OSD3.h.

using GT_OSDPatchTable::PatchTableFactory = OpenSubdiv::Far::PatchTableFactory

Definition at line 261 of file GT_OSD3.h.

using GT_OSDPatchTable::PatchType = OpenSubdiv::Far::PatchDescriptor::Type

Definition at line 265 of file GT_OSD3.h.

using GT_OSDPatchTable::PtexIndices = OpenSubdiv::Far::PtexIndices

Definition at line 266 of file GT_OSD3.h.

using GT_OSDPatchTable::TopologyRefiner = OpenSubdiv::Far::TopologyRefiner

Definition at line 259 of file GT_OSD3.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GT_OSDPatchTable::GT_OSDPatchTable ( )

Member Function Documentation

int GT_OSDPatchTable::arrayCount ( ) const
int GT_OSDPatchTable::arrayPatchCount ( int  arr) const
PatchDescriptor GT_OSDPatchTable::arrayPatchDesc ( int  arr) const
template<typename T >
void GT_OSDPatchTable::computeLocalFVPoints ( T src,
T dest 
) const

Definition at line 289 of file GT_OSD3.h.

template<typename T >
void GT_OSDPatchTable::computeLocalPoints ( T src,
T dest 
) const

Definition at line 284 of file GT_OSD3.h.

bool GT_OSDPatchTable::create ( const GT_OSDTopology top,
bool  createPtexMap = false,
bool  legacy_linear = true 
void GT_OSDPatchTable::evaluateBasis ( const Handle patch,
float  u,
float  v,
float *  w,
float *  du,
float *  dv 
) const
void GT_OSDPatchTable::evaluateBasisFV ( const Handle patch,
float  u,
float  v,
float *  w,
float *  du,
float *  dv 
) const
const UT_Array<int>& GT_OSDPatchTable::getPtexArray ( ) const

Definition at line 306 of file GT_OSD3.h.

const int* GT_OSDPatchTable::getPtexMap ( ) const

Definition at line 305 of file GT_OSD3.h.

PatchTable* GT_OSDPatchTable::getTable ( ) const

Definition at line 308 of file GT_OSD3.h.

bool GT_OSDPatchTable::initialized ( ) const

Definition at line 309 of file GT_OSD3.h.

int GT_OSDPatchTable::numLocalPoints ( ) const
int GT_OSDPatchTable::numLocalPointsVarying ( ) const
int GT_OSDPatchTable::numPtexFaces ( ) const
ConstIndexArray GT_OSDPatchTable::patchFVValues ( const Handle patch) const
PatchParam GT_OSDPatchTable::patchParam ( int  arr,
int  pat 
) const
ConstIndexArray GT_OSDPatchTable::patchVertices ( const Handle patch) const
ConstIndexArray GT_OSDPatchTable::varyingVertexArray ( int  arr) const
ConstIndexArray GT_OSDPatchTable::vertexArray ( int  arr) const

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