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GU_BrushStencil Class Reference

#include <GU_Brush.h>

Public Member Functions

 GU_BrushStencil ()
 ~GU_BrushStencil ()
void clearStencil (bool invalidate_vtx, bool invalidate_pt)
bool isEmpty () const
void setVertexMode ()
void setPointMode ()
bool isVertexMode () const
bool isPointMode () const
void setVal (exint index, float val, float alpha, const UT_Vector3 *colour=NULL)
void startPointIterate ()
bool iteratePoint (GA_Index &ptind, float &alpha, UT_Vector3 *colour=NULL)
void startVertexIterate ()
bool iterateVertex (int &vtxidx, float &alpha, UT_Vector3 *colour=NULL)
GA_Size fillPointData (const GA_Detail &detail, GA_OffsetList &ptoffs, UT_FloatArray &alphas, UT_Vector3Array *colours=NULL)
GA_Size fillVertexData (const GA_Detail &detail, const UT_Array< GA_Offset > &geovtx, GA_OffsetList &ptoffs, UT_FloatArray &alphas, UT_Vector3Array *colours=NULL)
void setVtxTables (UT_Array< UT_IntArray * > *pt2vtx, UT_Array< GA_Offset > *vtx, const GU_Detail *gdp)
exint entries () const

Protected Attributes

UT_Array< GU_StencilPixelmyEntries
UT_IntArray myStencilRef
UT_IntArray myPointPass
UT_Vector3Array myColours
UT_Array< UT_IntArray * > * myPt2Vtx
UT_Array< GA_Offset > * myVtx
const GU_DetailmyGdp
GU_BrushStencilMode myMode
int myCurPixel
int myCurSubIdx
int myCurIteratePass
bool myCurIsVertexIterate

Detailed Description

Definition at line 58 of file GU_Brush.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GU_BrushStencil::GU_BrushStencil ( )
GU_BrushStencil::~GU_BrushStencil ( )

Member Function Documentation

void GU_BrushStencil::clearStencil ( bool  invalidate_vtx,
bool  invalidate_pt 
exint GU_BrushStencil::entries ( ) const

Definition at line 93 of file GU_Brush.h.

GA_Size GU_BrushStencil::fillPointData ( const GA_Detail detail,
GA_OffsetList ptoffs,
UT_FloatArray alphas,
UT_Vector3Array colours = NULL 
GA_Size GU_BrushStencil::fillVertexData ( const GA_Detail detail,
const UT_Array< GA_Offset > &  geovtx,
GA_OffsetList ptoffs,
UT_FloatArray alphas,
UT_Vector3Array colours = NULL 
bool GU_BrushStencil::isEmpty ( ) const
bool GU_BrushStencil::isPointMode ( ) const
bool GU_BrushStencil::isVertexMode ( ) const
bool GU_BrushStencil::iteratePoint ( GA_Index ptind,
float alpha,
UT_Vector3 colour = NULL 
bool GU_BrushStencil::iterateVertex ( int vtxidx,
float alpha,
UT_Vector3 colour = NULL 
void GU_BrushStencil::setPointMode ( )
void GU_BrushStencil::setVal ( exint  index,
float  val,
float  alpha,
const UT_Vector3 colour = NULL 

NOTE: If the stencil is in point mode, index is a GA_Index, else, (in vertex mode), it is an index into myGeoVtx and myIsectVtx.

void GU_BrushStencil::setVertexMode ( )
void GU_BrushStencil::setVtxTables ( UT_Array< UT_IntArray * > *  pt2vtx,
UT_Array< GA_Offset > *  vtx,
const GU_Detail gdp 
void GU_BrushStencil::startPointIterate ( )
void GU_BrushStencil::startVertexIterate ( )

Member Data Documentation

UT_Vector3Array GU_BrushStencil::myColours

Definition at line 109 of file GU_Brush.h.

bool GU_BrushStencil::myCurIsVertexIterate

Definition at line 121 of file GU_Brush.h.

int GU_BrushStencil::myCurIteratePass

Definition at line 120 of file GU_Brush.h.

int GU_BrushStencil::myCurPixel

Definition at line 119 of file GU_Brush.h.

int GU_BrushStencil::myCurSubIdx

Definition at line 119 of file GU_Brush.h.

UT_Array<GU_StencilPixel> GU_BrushStencil::myEntries

Definition at line 98 of file GU_Brush.h.

const GU_Detail* GU_BrushStencil::myGdp

Definition at line 113 of file GU_Brush.h.

GU_BrushStencilMode GU_BrushStencil::myMode

Definition at line 116 of file GU_Brush.h.

UT_IntArray GU_BrushStencil::myPointPass

Definition at line 106 of file GU_Brush.h.

UT_Array<UT_IntArray *>* GU_BrushStencil::myPt2Vtx

Definition at line 111 of file GU_Brush.h.

UT_IntArray GU_BrushStencil::myStencilRef

Definition at line 102 of file GU_Brush.h.

UT_Array<GA_Offset>* GU_BrushStencil::myVtx

Definition at line 112 of file GU_Brush.h.

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