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GU_SopResolver Class Referenceabstract

#include <GU_SopResolver.h>

Public Member Functions

 GU_SopResolver ()
virtual ~GU_SopResolver ()
virtual int resolveId (const char *fullpath, int relative_to, bool &flaginterest)=0
virtual bool resolveDetail (GU_SopQuery &q)=0
virtual bool resolveXform (GU_SopQuery &q)=0
virtual void addDopReference (GU_SopQuery &q, int callerid)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static void setResolver (GU_SopResolver *resolver)
static GU_SopResolvergetResolver ()
static GU_SopResolverstealResolver ()
static bool lookup (const char *fullpath, GU_SopQuery &q)
static bool lookupXform (const char *fullpath, GU_SopQuery &q)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 243 of file GU_SopResolver.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GU_SopResolver::GU_SopResolver ( )
virtual GU_SopResolver::~GU_SopResolver ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void GU_SopResolver::addDopReference ( GU_SopQuery q,
int  callerid 
pure virtual
static GU_SopResolver* GU_SopResolver::getResolver ( )
static bool GU_SopResolver::lookup ( const char *  fullpath,
GU_SopQuery q 
static bool GU_SopResolver::lookupXform ( const char *  fullpath,
GU_SopQuery q 
virtual bool GU_SopResolver::resolveDetail ( GU_SopQuery q)
pure virtual
virtual int GU_SopResolver::resolveId ( const char *  fullpath,
int  relative_to,
bool &  flaginterest 
pure virtual
virtual bool GU_SopResolver::resolveXform ( GU_SopQuery q)
pure virtual
static void GU_SopResolver::setResolver ( GU_SopResolver resolver)
static GU_SopResolver* GU_SopResolver::stealResolver ( )

Stealing the resolver will give you a copy of the current resolver, clearing out ownership of the resolver. The caller of stealResolver is responsible for deleting the stolen resolver.

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