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GU_SubDivPatchSet Class Reference

An interface for constructing a set of patches from geometry. More...

#include <GU_SubDivPatch.h>

Public Member Functions

 GU_SubDivPatchSet (const GU_Detail *detail, const GU_SubDivPacking &ptattribs, const GU_SubDivPacking &vtxattribs, bool linearcreases=false, const GA_PrimitiveGroup *primgroup=NULL)
 ~GU_SubDivPatchSet ()
void stealPatches (UT_Array< GU_SubDivPatch * > &patches)
GU_SubDivPatchgetPatch (exint i) const
const GEO_PrimitivegetGEOPrimitive (exint i) const
GA_Size getSoupPolygon (exint i) const
const GU_SubDivPackinggetPointPacking () const
const GU_SubDivPackinggetVertexPacking () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void catclark (GU_Detail *gdp, int depth, const GA_PrimitiveGroup *group, bool linear_creases, bool build_polysoups)

Detailed Description

An interface for constructing a set of patches from geometry.

Definition at line 395 of file GU_SubDivPatch.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GU_SubDivPatchSet::GU_SubDivPatchSet ( const GU_Detail detail,
const GU_SubDivPacking ptattribs,
const GU_SubDivPacking vtxattribs,
bool  linearcreases = false,
const GA_PrimitiveGroup primgroup = NULL 

Given a set of motion blur details, create the subdivision patch representation.

GU_SubDivPatchSet::~GU_SubDivPatchSet ( )

Member Function Documentation

static void GU_SubDivPatchSet::catclark ( GU_Detail gdp,
int  depth,
const GA_PrimitiveGroup group,
bool  linear_creases,
bool  build_polysoups 

Perform subdivision on the geometry. The gdp is modified so the original polygons are deleted and replaced with the Catmull-Clark subdivision representation.

const GEO_Primitive* GU_SubDivPatchSet::getGEOPrimitive ( exint  i) const
GU_SubDivPatch* GU_SubDivPatchSet::getPatch ( exint  i) const
const GU_SubDivPacking& GU_SubDivPatchSet::getPointPacking ( ) const

Definition at line 422 of file GU_SubDivPatch.h.

GA_Size GU_SubDivPatchSet::getSoupPolygon ( exint  i) const
const GU_SubDivPacking& GU_SubDivPatchSet::getVertexPacking ( ) const

Definition at line 424 of file GU_SubDivPatch.h.

void GU_SubDivPatchSet::stealPatches ( UT_Array< GU_SubDivPatch * > &  patches)

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