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GUI_PrimitiveHook Class Reference

#include <GUI_PrimitiveHook.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GUI_PrimitiveHook (const char *hook_name, GUI_RenderMask mask=GUI_RENDER_MASK_ALL)
const char * getName () const
 Name of this hook. More...
GUI_RenderMask getRenderMask () const
 Bitmask of renderers supported by this hook. More...
virtual GR_PrimitivecreatePrimitive (const GT_PrimitiveHandle &gt_prim, const GEO_Primitive *geo_prim, const GR_RenderInfo *info, const char *cache_name, GR_PrimAcceptResult &processed)
virtual GT_PrimitiveHandle filterPrimitive (const GT_PrimitiveHandle &gt_prm, const GEO_Primitive *geo_prm, const GR_RenderInfo *info, GR_PrimAcceptResult &processed)

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~GUI_PrimitiveHook ()


class DM_RenderTable

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GUI_PrimitiveHook::GUI_PrimitiveHook ( const char *  hook_name,
GUI_RenderMask  mask = GUI_RENDER_MASK_ALL 

Only one primitive hook will ever be created. Each hook requires a name for identification and error reporting. A hook can target all renderers, a subset, or a specific renderer.

virtual GUI_PrimitiveHook::~GUI_PrimitiveHook ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual GR_Primitive* GUI_PrimitiveHook::createPrimitive ( const GT_PrimitiveHandle gt_prim,
const GEO_Primitive geo_prim,
const GR_RenderInfo info,
const char *  cache_name,
GR_PrimAcceptResult processed 

Create a new primitive based on the GT or GEO prim. The info and cache_name should be passed to the GR_Primitive constructor. 'processed' should indicate that the primitive is consumed (GR_PROCESSED), or processed but available for further hooks or internal Houdini processing (GR_PROCESSED_NON_EXCLUSIVE). GR_NOT_PROCESSED should only be returned if a GR_Primitive was not created. Hooks with GUI_HOOK_FLAG_PRIM_FILTER do not call this method.

Reimplemented in HDK_Sample::GR_PrimTetraHook.

virtual GT_PrimitiveHandle GUI_PrimitiveHook::filterPrimitive ( const GT_PrimitiveHandle gt_prm,
const GEO_Primitive geo_prm,
const GR_RenderInfo info,
GR_PrimAcceptResult processed 

For hooks with GUI_HOOK_FLAG_PRIM_FILTER, this method is called instead of createPrimitive.

const char* GUI_PrimitiveHook::getName ( ) const

Name of this hook.

Definition at line 76 of file GUI_PrimitiveHook.h.

GUI_RenderMask GUI_PrimitiveHook::getRenderMask ( ) const

Bitmask of renderers supported by this hook.

Definition at line 79 of file GUI_PrimitiveHook.h.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class DM_RenderTable

Definition at line 107 of file GUI_PrimitiveHook.h.

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