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* PROPRIETARY INFORMATION. This software is proprietary to
* Side Effects Software Inc., and is not to be reproduced,
* transmitted, or disclosed in any way without written permission.
* Produced by:
* Side Effects Software Inc
* 123 Front Street West, Suite 1401
* Toronto, Ontario
* Canada M5J 2M2
* 416-504-9876
* NAME: GUI_PrimFramework.h (GR Library, C++)
* Framework for a render hook, with documentation. Does not actually do
* anything other than act as a commented template.
#ifndef __GUI_PrimFramework__
#define __GUI_PrimFramework__
namespace HDK_Sample
/// The primitive render hook which creates GUI_PrimFramework objects.
class GUI_PrimFrameworkHook : public GUI_PrimitiveHook
virtual ~GUI_PrimFrameworkHook();
/// This is called when a new GR_Primitive is required for a polysoup.
/// In this case, the hook is augmenting the rendering of the polysoup by
/// drawing a bounding box and a centroid around it.
virtual GR_Primitive *createPrimitive(const GT_PrimitiveHandle &gt_prim,
const GEO_Primitive *geo_prim,
const GR_RenderInfo *info,
const char *cache_name,
GR_PrimAcceptResult &processed);
/// Primitive object that is created by GUI_PrimFrameworkHook whenever a
/// a matching primitive is found.
class GUI_PrimFramework : public GR_Primitive
GUI_PrimFramework(const GR_RenderInfo *info,
const char *cache_name,
const GEO_Primitive *prim);
virtual ~GUI_PrimFramework();
virtual const char *className() const { return "GUI_PrimFramework"; }
/// See if the primitive can be consumed by this GR_Primitive. Only
/// primitives from the same detail will ever be passed in. If the
/// primitive hook specifies GUI_HOOK_COLLECT_PRIMITIVES then it is
/// possible to have this called more than once for different GR_Primitives.
/// A GR_Primitive that collects multiple GT or GEO primitives is
/// responsible for keeping track of them (in a list, table, tree, etc).
virtual GR_PrimAcceptResult acceptPrimitive(GT_PrimitiveType t,
int geo_type,
const GT_PrimitiveHandle &ph,
const GEO_Primitive *prim);
/// Called whenever certain geometry-affecting display options are changed.
/// This gives you the opportunity to see if you need to update the
/// geometry based on what changed (you will need to cache the display
/// options that you are interested in to determine this). Return:
/// DISPLAY_UNCHANGED - no update required.
/// DISPLAY_CHANGED - additional geometry attributes may be required
/// DISPLAY_VERSION_CHANGED - existing geometry must be redone
/// If 'first_init' is true, this is being called to initialize any cached
/// display options. The return value will be ignored. This will happen
/// just after the primitive is created.
virtual GR_DispOptChange displayOptionChange(const GR_DisplayOption &opts,
bool first_init);
/// If this primitive requires an update when the view changes, return true.
virtual bool updateOnViewChange(const GR_DisplayOption &) const
{ return false; }
/// If updateOnViewChange() returns true, this is called when the view
/// changes, but no other update reasons are present. Note that you do not
/// have access to the primitive in this method, so you will need to cache
/// anything relating to the primitive required by this method.
virtual void viewUpdate(RE_Render *r,
const GR_ViewUpdateParms &parms)
/// For primitives that may need updating if the GL state changes, this
/// hook allows you to perform a check if no update is otherwise required.
/// Return true to have checkGLState() called. Returning true from that
/// will trigger an update with the GR_GL_STATE_CHANGED reason set.
/// @{
virtual bool needsGLStateCheck(const GR_DisplayOption &opts) const
{ return false; }
virtual bool checkGLState(RE_Render *r,const GR_DisplayOption &opts)
{ return false; }
/// @}
/// Called whenever the parent detail is changed, draw modes are changed,
/// selection is changed, or certain volatile display options are changed
/// (such as level of detail).
virtual void update(RE_Render *r,
const GT_PrimitiveHandle &primh,
const GR_UpdateParms &p);
/// return true if the primitive is in or overlaps the view frustum.
/// always returning true will effectively disable frustum culling.
virtual bool inViewFrustum(const UT_Matrix4D &objviewproj,
const UT_BoundingBoxD *bbox)
{ return true; }
/// Called to do a variety of render tasks (beauty, wire, shadow, object
/// pick)
virtual void render(RE_Render *r,
GR_RenderMode render_mode,
GR_DrawParms draw_parms);
/// Called when decoration 'decor' is required to be rendered.
virtual void renderDecoration(RE_Render *r,
const GR_DecorationParms &p);
/// Render this primitive for picking, where pick_type is defined as one of
/// the pickable bits in GU_SelectType.h (like GU_PICK_GEOPOINT)
/// return the number of picks
virtual int renderPick(RE_Render *r,
const GR_DisplayOption *opt,
unsigned int pick_type,
GR_PickStyle pick_style,
bool has_pick_map);
} // End HDK_Sample namespace.