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GR_UpdateParms Class Reference

set of parameters sent to GR_Primitive::update() More...

#include <GR_UpdateParms.h>

Public Member Functions

 GR_UpdateParms (GR_UpdateReason upd_rsn, OP_Node *node, const GU_ConstDetailHandle &dtl, const UT_IntArray &geoi, const RE_MaterialAtlas &material_atlas, const GR_MaterialAtlas &vk_material_atlas, UT_Map< UT_StringRef, int > *attribs, const char *view_name, int max_poly_mesh_size, const GT_RefineParms &ref, const GR_DisplayOption &d, GR_RenderVersion gr, bool objselect, GR_DecorationOverride req_dec, RE_CacheVersion viewv, const GR_FrustumList &view_frustums, const UT_Matrix4DArray *insts, int inst_grp, RE_CacheVersion instv, const UT_BitArray *inst_select, RE_CacheVersion ints_select_version)
 GR_UpdateParms (const GR_UpdateParms &u)
 GR_UpdateParms (const GR_UpdateParms &u, const GU_ConstDetailHandle &dtl)
 GR_UpdateParms (const GR_UpdateParms &u, const RE_MaterialAtlas &atlas)
 ~GR_UpdateParms ()
const UT_Map< UT_StringRef, int > * getConstNeededAttribs () const
UT_Map< UT_StringRef, int > * getNeededAttribs ()
void copyNeededAttribs (bool only_if_shallow_ref)
void addNeededAttrib (const UT_StringRef &attrib)
void removeNeededAttrib (const UT_StringRef &attrib)
void clearNeededAttribs ()
void printNeededAttribs (std::ostream *os=nullptr) const

Public Attributes

GR_UpdateReason reason
GU_ConstDetailHandle geometry
const UT_IntArraygeo_indices
const GT_RefineParmsrefine_parms
const GR_DisplayOptiondopts
const RE_MaterialAtlasmaterial_atlas
const GR_MaterialAtlasvk_mat_atlas
const char * view_name
int poly_mesh_limit
GU_SelectionHandle sel_override
GR_RenderVersion gl_version
RE_CacheVersion geo_version
RE_CacheVersion select_version
RE_CacheVersion instance_version
RE_CacheVersion view_version
RE_CacheVersion inst_select_version
int instance_group
const UT_Matrix4DArrayinstances
const UT_IntArrayinstance_levels
const UT_BitArrayinst_select
const GR_MaterialGroupsextra_mat_groups
const GR_FrustumListvisible_frustums
bool object_selected
GR_DecorationOverride required_dec
unsigned force_wire:1
unsigned force_shaded:1
unsigned force_smooth:1
unsigned refine_for_lops:1
unsigned build_selection:1
unsigned build_prim_selection:1
unsigned build_point_selection:1
unsigned build_vertex_selection:1
unsigned build_edge_selection:1
unsigned build_bpoint_selection:1
unsigned build_ids:1

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GR_UpdateParms::GR_UpdateParms ( GR_UpdateReason  upd_rsn,
OP_Node node,
const GU_ConstDetailHandle dtl,
const UT_IntArray geoi,
const RE_MaterialAtlas material_atlas,
const GR_MaterialAtlas vk_material_atlas,
UT_Map< UT_StringRef, int > *  attribs,
const char *  view_name,
int  max_poly_mesh_size,
const GT_RefineParms ref,
const GR_DisplayOption d,
GR_RenderVersion  gr,
bool  objselect,
GR_DecorationOverride  req_dec,
RE_CacheVersion  viewv,
const GR_FrustumList view_frustums,
const UT_Matrix4DArray insts,
int  inst_grp,
RE_CacheVersion  instv,
const UT_BitArray inst_select,
RE_CacheVersion  ints_select_version 
GR_UpdateParms::GR_UpdateParms ( const GR_UpdateParms u)
GR_UpdateParms::GR_UpdateParms ( const GR_UpdateParms u,
const GU_ConstDetailHandle dtl 
GR_UpdateParms::GR_UpdateParms ( const GR_UpdateParms u,
const RE_MaterialAtlas atlas 
GR_UpdateParms::~GR_UpdateParms ( )

Member Function Documentation

void GR_UpdateParms::addNeededAttrib ( const UT_StringRef attrib)
void GR_UpdateParms::clearNeededAttribs ( )
void GR_UpdateParms::copyNeededAttribs ( bool  only_if_shallow_ref)
const UT_Map<UT_StringRef,int>* GR_UpdateParms::getConstNeededAttribs ( ) const

Definition at line 111 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

UT_Map<UT_StringRef,int>* GR_UpdateParms::getNeededAttribs ( )

Definition at line 113 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

void GR_UpdateParms::printNeededAttribs ( std::ostream *  os = nullptr) const
void GR_UpdateParms::removeNeededAttrib ( const UT_StringRef attrib)

Member Data Documentation

unsigned GR_UpdateParms::build_bpoint_selection

Definition at line 68 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

unsigned GR_UpdateParms::build_edge_selection

Definition at line 68 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

unsigned GR_UpdateParms::build_ids

Definition at line 68 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

unsigned GR_UpdateParms::build_point_selection

Definition at line 68 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

unsigned GR_UpdateParms::build_prim_selection

Definition at line 68 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

unsigned GR_UpdateParms::build_selection

Definition at line 68 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

unsigned GR_UpdateParms::build_vertex_selection

Definition at line 68 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

const GR_DisplayOption& GR_UpdateParms::dopts

Definition at line 45 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

const GR_MaterialGroups* GR_UpdateParms::extra_mat_groups

Definition at line 63 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

unsigned GR_UpdateParms::force_shaded

Definition at line 68 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

unsigned GR_UpdateParms::force_smooth

Definition at line 68 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

unsigned GR_UpdateParms::force_wire

Definition at line 68 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

const UT_IntArray& GR_UpdateParms::geo_indices

Definition at line 43 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

RE_CacheVersion GR_UpdateParms::geo_version

Definition at line 53 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

GU_ConstDetailHandle GR_UpdateParms::geometry

Definition at line 42 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

GR_RenderVersion GR_UpdateParms::gl_version

Definition at line 52 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

const UT_BitArray* GR_UpdateParms::inst_select

Definition at line 62 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

RE_CacheVersion GR_UpdateParms::inst_select_version

Definition at line 57 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

int GR_UpdateParms::instance_group

Definition at line 58 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

const UT_IntArray* GR_UpdateParms::instance_levels

Definition at line 61 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

RE_CacheVersion GR_UpdateParms::instance_version
GUI/GUI_PolySoupBox.C, and tetprim/GR_PrimTetra.C.

Definition at line 55 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

const UT_Matrix4DArray* GR_UpdateParms::instances

Definition at line 59 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

const RE_MaterialAtlas& GR_UpdateParms::material_atlas

Definition at line 46 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

bool GR_UpdateParms::object_selected

Definition at line 65 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

OP_Node* GR_UpdateParms::op_node

Definition at line 41 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

int GR_UpdateParms::poly_mesh_limit

Definition at line 49 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

GR_UpdateReason GR_UpdateParms::reason
GUI/GUI_PolySoupBox.C, and GUI/GUI_PrimFramework.C.

Definition at line 40 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

unsigned GR_UpdateParms::refine_for_lops

Definition at line 68 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

const GT_RefineParms& GR_UpdateParms::refine_parms

Definition at line 44 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

GR_DecorationOverride GR_UpdateParms::required_dec

Definition at line 66 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

GU_SelectionHandle GR_UpdateParms::sel_override

Definition at line 50 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

RE_CacheVersion GR_UpdateParms::select_version

Definition at line 54 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

const char* GR_UpdateParms::view_name

Definition at line 48 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

RE_CacheVersion GR_UpdateParms::view_version

Definition at line 56 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

const GR_FrustumList& GR_UpdateParms::visible_frustums

Definition at line 64 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

const GR_MaterialAtlas& GR_UpdateParms::vk_mat_atlas

Definition at line 47 of file GR_UpdateParms.h.

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