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GUI_VisInterface Class Referenceabstract

#include <GUI_VisInterface.h>

Public Member Functions

 GUI_VisInterface ()
virtual ~GUI_VisInterface ()
virtual exint bumpClock ()=0
virtual GT_PrimitiveHandle filterPrimitive (GUI_GeoRender *geo, const GT_PrimitiveHandle &gt_prm, const GEO_Primitive *geo_prm, const GR_RenderInfo *info, GR_PrimAcceptResult &processed, UT_Array< GUI_VisFlags > &vis_flags)=0
virtual void createPrimitive (GUI_GeoRender *geo, const GT_PrimitiveHandle &gt_prim, const GEO_Primitive *geo_prim, const GR_Primitive *gr_prim, const GR_RenderInfo *info, const char *cache_name, GR_PrimAcceptResult &processed, UT_Array< GR_Primitive * > &prims)=0
virtual GR_UpdateReason getUpdateReason (const GUI_GeoRender *geo, bool &refine_on_update)=0
virtual void getRequestedAttributes (const GUI_DetailLook *look, UT_Map< UT_StringRef, int > &needed)=0
virtual bool isHookVisualizerActive (const char *vis_name, GUI_VisContext context)=0
virtual GUI_VisFlags getActiveVisFlags (const GUI_GeoRender *geo, UT_Array< GUI_VisFlags > &vis_flags, GUI_VisContext context, int display_set)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static void setHandler (GUI_VisInterface *handler)
static GUI_VisInterfacegetHandler ()

Static Public Attributes

static GUI_VisInterfacetheHandler

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file GUI_VisInterface.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GUI_VisInterface::GUI_VisInterface ( )

Definition at line 35 of file GUI_VisInterface.h.

virtual GUI_VisInterface::~GUI_VisInterface ( )

Definition at line 36 of file GUI_VisInterface.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual exint GUI_VisInterface::bumpClock ( )
pure virtual
virtual void GUI_VisInterface::createPrimitive ( GUI_GeoRender geo,
const GT_PrimitiveHandle gt_prim,
const GEO_Primitive geo_prim,
const GR_Primitive gr_prim,
const GR_RenderInfo info,
const char *  cache_name,
GR_PrimAcceptResult processed,
UT_Array< GR_Primitive * > &  prims 
pure virtual
virtual GT_PrimitiveHandle GUI_VisInterface::filterPrimitive ( GUI_GeoRender geo,
const GT_PrimitiveHandle gt_prm,
const GEO_Primitive geo_prm,
const GR_RenderInfo info,
GR_PrimAcceptResult processed,
UT_Array< GUI_VisFlags > &  vis_flags 
pure virtual
virtual GUI_VisFlags GUI_VisInterface::getActiveVisFlags ( const GUI_GeoRender geo,
UT_Array< GUI_VisFlags > &  vis_flags,
GUI_VisContext  context,
int  display_set 
pure virtual
static GUI_VisInterface* GUI_VisInterface::getHandler ( )

Definition at line 78 of file GUI_VisInterface.h.

virtual void GUI_VisInterface::getRequestedAttributes ( const GUI_DetailLook look,
UT_Map< UT_StringRef, int > &  needed 
pure virtual
virtual GR_UpdateReason GUI_VisInterface::getUpdateReason ( const GUI_GeoRender geo,
bool &  refine_on_update 
pure virtual
virtual bool GUI_VisInterface::isHookVisualizerActive ( const char *  vis_name,
GUI_VisContext  context 
pure virtual
static void GUI_VisInterface::setHandler ( GUI_VisInterface handler)

Definition at line 74 of file GUI_VisInterface.h.

Member Data Documentation

GUI_VisInterface* GUI_VisInterface::theHandler

Definition at line 81 of file GUI_VisInterface.h.

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