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GlfSimpleLight Class Referencefinal

#include <simpleLight.h>

Public Member Functions

GLF_API GlfSimpleLight (GfVec4f const &position=GfVec4f(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0))
GLF_API ~GlfSimpleLight ()
GLF_API GfMatrix4d constGetTransform () const
GLF_API void SetTransform (GfMatrix4d const &mat)
GLF_API GfVec4f constGetAmbient () const
GLF_API void SetAmbient (GfVec4f const &ambient)
GLF_API GfVec4f constGetDiffuse () const
GLF_API void SetDiffuse (GfVec4f const &diffuse)
GLF_API GfVec4f constGetSpecular () const
GLF_API void SetSpecular (GfVec4f const &specular)
GLF_API GfVec4f constGetPosition () const
GLF_API void SetPosition (GfVec4f const &position)
GLF_API GfVec3f constGetSpotDirection () const
GLF_API void SetSpotDirection (GfVec3f const &spotDirection)
GLF_API float constGetSpotCutoff () const
GLF_API void SetSpotCutoff (float const &spotCutoff)
GLF_API float constGetSpotFalloff () const
GLF_API void SetSpotFalloff (float const &spotFalloff)
GLF_API GfVec3f constGetAttenuation () const
GLF_API void SetAttenuation (GfVec3f const &attenuation)
GLF_API std::vector
< GfMatrix4d > const
GetShadowMatrices () const
GLF_API void SetShadowMatrices (std::vector< GfMatrix4d > const &matrix)
GLF_API int GetShadowResolution () const
GLF_API void SetShadowResolution (int resolution)
GLF_API float GetShadowBias () const
GLF_API void SetShadowBias (float bias)
GLF_API float GetShadowBlur () const
GLF_API void SetShadowBlur (float blur)
GLF_API int GetShadowIndexStart () const
GLF_API void SetShadowIndexStart (int shadowStart)
GLF_API int GetShadowIndexEnd () const
GLF_API void SetShadowIndexEnd (int shadowEnd)
GLF_API bool HasShadow () const
GLF_API void SetHasShadow (bool hasShadow)
GLF_API bool HasIntensity () const
GLF_API void SetHasIntensity (bool hasIntensity)
GLF_API bool IsCameraSpaceLight () const
GLF_API void SetIsCameraSpaceLight (bool isCameraSpaceLight)
GLF_API SdfPath constGetID () const
GLF_API void SetID (SdfPath const &id)
GLF_API bool IsDomeLight () const
GLF_API void SetIsDomeLight (bool isDomeLight)
GLF_API const SdfAssetPathGetDomeLightTextureFile () const
GLF_API void SetDomeLightTextureFile (const SdfAssetPath &)
GLF_API bool operator== (GlfSimpleLight const &other) const
GLF_API bool operator!= (GlfSimpleLight const &other) const
Post Surface Lighting

Post surface lighting is evaluated after other surface illumination and can be used to implement lighting effects beyond those that correspond to basic positional lighting, e.g. range base fog, etc.

GLF_API TfToken constGetPostSurfaceIdentifier () const
GLF_API std::string constGetPostSurfaceShaderSource () const
GLF_API VtUCharArray constGetPostSurfaceShaderParams () const
GLF_API void SetPostSurfaceParams (TfToken const &identifier, std::string const &shaderSource, VtUCharArray const &shaderParams)
Extending this class for Houdini's viewport

Provide some additional Houdini viewport-specific controls. These do nothing unless they are enabled (in other words these additional parameters have no effect on apps like usdview that know nothing about them).

GLF_API bool HasExtendedAttributes () const
GLF_API void SetHasExtendedAttributes (bool hasExtendedAttributes)
GLF_API float GetExtendedIntensity () const
GLF_API void SetExtendedIntensity (float intensity)
GLF_API float GetExtendedAngle () const
GLF_API void SetExtendedAngle (float angle)
GLF_API GfVec3f constGetExtendedColor () const
GLF_API void SetExtendedColor (GfVec3f const &color)


GLF_API friend std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &out, const GlfSimpleLight &v)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 46 of file simpleLight.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GLF_API GlfSimpleLight::GlfSimpleLight ( GfVec4f const position = GfVec4f(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0))
GLF_API GlfSimpleLight::~GlfSimpleLight ( )

Member Function Documentation

GLF_API GfVec4f const& GlfSimpleLight::GetAmbient ( ) const
GLF_API GfVec3f const& GlfSimpleLight::GetAttenuation ( ) const
GLF_API GfVec4f const& GlfSimpleLight::GetDiffuse ( ) const
GLF_API const SdfAssetPath& GlfSimpleLight::GetDomeLightTextureFile ( ) const

The path to the (unprocessed) environment map texture.

All textures actually used by the dome light (irradiance, prefilter, brdf) are derived from this texture in a pre-calculation step.

GLF_API float GlfSimpleLight::GetExtendedAngle ( ) const
GLF_API GfVec3f const& GlfSimpleLight::GetExtendedColor ( ) const
GLF_API float GlfSimpleLight::GetExtendedIntensity ( ) const
GLF_API SdfPath const& GlfSimpleLight::GetID ( ) const
GLF_API GfVec4f const& GlfSimpleLight::GetPosition ( ) const
GLF_API TfToken const& GlfSimpleLight::GetPostSurfaceIdentifier ( ) const
GLF_API VtUCharArray const& GlfSimpleLight::GetPostSurfaceShaderParams ( ) const
GLF_API std::string const& GlfSimpleLight::GetPostSurfaceShaderSource ( ) const
GLF_API float GlfSimpleLight::GetShadowBias ( ) const
GLF_API float GlfSimpleLight::GetShadowBlur ( ) const
GLF_API int GlfSimpleLight::GetShadowIndexEnd ( ) const
GLF_API int GlfSimpleLight::GetShadowIndexStart ( ) const
GLF_API std::vector<GfMatrix4d> const& GlfSimpleLight::GetShadowMatrices ( ) const
GLF_API int GlfSimpleLight::GetShadowResolution ( ) const
GLF_API GfVec4f const& GlfSimpleLight::GetSpecular ( ) const
GLF_API float const& GlfSimpleLight::GetSpotCutoff ( ) const
GLF_API GfVec3f const& GlfSimpleLight::GetSpotDirection ( ) const
GLF_API float const& GlfSimpleLight::GetSpotFalloff ( ) const
GLF_API GfMatrix4d const& GlfSimpleLight::GetTransform ( ) const
GLF_API bool GlfSimpleLight::HasExtendedAttributes ( ) const
GLF_API bool GlfSimpleLight::HasIntensity ( ) const
GLF_API bool GlfSimpleLight::HasShadow ( ) const
GLF_API bool GlfSimpleLight::IsCameraSpaceLight ( ) const
GLF_API bool GlfSimpleLight::IsDomeLight ( ) const
GLF_API bool GlfSimpleLight::operator== ( GlfSimpleLight const other) const
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetAmbient ( GfVec4f const ambient)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetAttenuation ( GfVec3f const attenuation)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetDiffuse ( GfVec4f const diffuse)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetDomeLightTextureFile ( const SdfAssetPath )
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetExtendedAngle ( float  angle)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetExtendedColor ( GfVec3f const color)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetExtendedIntensity ( float  intensity)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetHasExtendedAttributes ( bool  hasExtendedAttributes)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetHasIntensity ( bool  hasIntensity)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetHasShadow ( bool  hasShadow)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetID ( SdfPath const id)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetIsCameraSpaceLight ( bool  isCameraSpaceLight)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetIsDomeLight ( bool  isDomeLight)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetPosition ( GfVec4f const position)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetPostSurfaceParams ( TfToken const identifier,
std::string const shaderSource,
VtUCharArray const shaderParams 
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetShadowBias ( float  bias)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetShadowBlur ( float  blur)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetShadowIndexEnd ( int  shadowEnd)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetShadowIndexStart ( int  shadowStart)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetShadowMatrices ( std::vector< GfMatrix4d > const matrix)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetShadowResolution ( int  resolution)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetSpecular ( GfVec4f const specular)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetSpotCutoff ( float const spotCutoff)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetSpotDirection ( GfVec3f const spotDirection)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetSpotFalloff ( float const spotFalloff)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetTransform ( GfMatrix4d const mat)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

GLF_API friend std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  out,
const GlfSimpleLight v 

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