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GlfSimpleLight Class Referencefinal

#include <simpleLight.h>

Public Member Functions

GLF_API GlfSimpleLight (GfVec4f const &position=GfVec4f(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0))
GLF_API ~GlfSimpleLight ()
GLF_API GfMatrix4d constGetTransform () const
GLF_API void SetTransform (GfMatrix4d const &mat)
GLF_API GfVec4f constGetAmbient () const
GLF_API void SetAmbient (GfVec4f const &ambient)
GLF_API GfVec4f constGetDiffuse () const
GLF_API void SetDiffuse (GfVec4f const &diffuse)
GLF_API GfVec4f constGetSpecular () const
GLF_API void SetSpecular (GfVec4f const &specular)
GLF_API GfVec4f constGetPosition () const
GLF_API void SetPosition (GfVec4f const &position)
GLF_API GfVec3f constGetSpotDirection () const
GLF_API void SetSpotDirection (GfVec3f const &spotDirection)
GLF_API float constGetSpotCutoff () const
GLF_API void SetSpotCutoff (float const &spotCutoff)
GLF_API float constGetSpotFalloff () const
GLF_API void SetSpotFalloff (float const &spotFalloff)
GLF_API GfVec3f constGetAttenuation () const
GLF_API void SetAttenuation (GfVec3f const &attenuation)
GLF_API std::vector
< GfMatrix4d > const
GetShadowMatrices () const
GLF_API void SetShadowMatrices (std::vector< GfMatrix4d > const &matrix)
GLF_API int GetShadowResolution () const
GLF_API void SetShadowResolution (int resolution)
GLF_API float GetShadowBias () const
GLF_API void SetShadowBias (float bias)
GLF_API float GetShadowBlur () const
GLF_API void SetShadowBlur (float blur)
GLF_API int GetShadowIndexStart () const
GLF_API void SetShadowIndexStart (int shadowStart)
GLF_API int GetShadowIndexEnd () const
GLF_API void SetShadowIndexEnd (int shadowEnd)
GLF_API bool HasShadow () const
GLF_API void SetHasShadow (bool hasShadow)
GLF_API bool IsCameraSpaceLight () const
GLF_API void SetIsCameraSpaceLight (bool isCameraSpaceLight)
GLF_API SdfPath constGetID () const
GLF_API void SetID (SdfPath const &id)
GLF_API bool IsDomeLight () const
GLF_API void SetIsDomeLight (bool isDomeLight)
GLF_API const SdfAssetPathGetDomeLightTextureFile () const
GLF_API void SetDomeLightTextureFile (const SdfAssetPath &)
GLF_API bool operator== (GlfSimpleLight const &other) const
GLF_API bool operator!= (GlfSimpleLight const &other) const


GLF_API friend std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &out, const GlfSimpleLight &v)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file simpleLight.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GLF_API GlfSimpleLight::GlfSimpleLight ( GfVec4f const position = GfVec4f(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0))
GLF_API GlfSimpleLight::~GlfSimpleLight ( )

Member Function Documentation

GLF_API GfVec4f const& GlfSimpleLight::GetAmbient ( ) const
GLF_API GfVec3f const& GlfSimpleLight::GetAttenuation ( ) const
GLF_API GfVec4f const& GlfSimpleLight::GetDiffuse ( ) const
GLF_API const SdfAssetPath& GlfSimpleLight::GetDomeLightTextureFile ( ) const

The path to the (unprocessed) environment map texture.

All textures actually used by the dome light (irradiance, prefilter, brdf) are derived from this texture in a pre-calculation step.

GLF_API SdfPath const& GlfSimpleLight::GetID ( ) const
GLF_API GfVec4f const& GlfSimpleLight::GetPosition ( ) const
GLF_API float GlfSimpleLight::GetShadowBias ( ) const
GLF_API float GlfSimpleLight::GetShadowBlur ( ) const
GLF_API int GlfSimpleLight::GetShadowIndexEnd ( ) const
GLF_API int GlfSimpleLight::GetShadowIndexStart ( ) const
GLF_API std::vector<GfMatrix4d> const& GlfSimpleLight::GetShadowMatrices ( ) const
GLF_API int GlfSimpleLight::GetShadowResolution ( ) const
GLF_API GfVec4f const& GlfSimpleLight::GetSpecular ( ) const
GLF_API float const& GlfSimpleLight::GetSpotCutoff ( ) const
GLF_API GfVec3f const& GlfSimpleLight::GetSpotDirection ( ) const
GLF_API float const& GlfSimpleLight::GetSpotFalloff ( ) const
GLF_API GfMatrix4d const& GlfSimpleLight::GetTransform ( ) const
GLF_API bool GlfSimpleLight::HasShadow ( ) const
GLF_API bool GlfSimpleLight::IsCameraSpaceLight ( ) const
GLF_API bool GlfSimpleLight::IsDomeLight ( ) const
GLF_API bool GlfSimpleLight::operator== ( GlfSimpleLight const other) const
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetAmbient ( GfVec4f const ambient)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetAttenuation ( GfVec3f const attenuation)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetDiffuse ( GfVec4f const diffuse)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetDomeLightTextureFile ( const SdfAssetPath )
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetHasShadow ( bool  hasShadow)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetID ( SdfPath const id)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetIsCameraSpaceLight ( bool  isCameraSpaceLight)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetIsDomeLight ( bool  isDomeLight)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetPosition ( GfVec4f const position)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetShadowBias ( float  bias)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetShadowBlur ( float  blur)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetShadowIndexEnd ( int  shadowEnd)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetShadowIndexStart ( int  shadowStart)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetShadowMatrices ( std::vector< GfMatrix4d > const matrix)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetShadowResolution ( int  resolution)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetSpecular ( GfVec4f const specular)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetSpotCutoff ( float const spotCutoff)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetSpotDirection ( GfVec3f const spotDirection)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetSpotFalloff ( float const spotFalloff)
GLF_API void GlfSimpleLight::SetTransform ( GfMatrix4d const mat)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

GLF_API friend std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  out,
const GlfSimpleLight v 

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